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- Tanyard Fishery -

Fishing Hut
- Tanyard Fishery -

Location in South East:
Tanyard Lane, Furners Green, Danehill [Near Uckfield],West Sussex, TN22 3RL, England, UK

Fishery Manager: Chris Page on 07833 532842
Owners Bernard & Sharon Brown

Day Tickets:
Open 7 days a week
Automatic Gates open at 7am and close at 7.15pm. There is no admission after these hours except in medical

There are No Bookings or Swim Reservations, we work on a first come basis.

Prices: 1 rod  £10
           2 rods £14
           3 rods £18
Night tickets are priced per day with a minimum of a 2 rods for overnight fishing. For example 2 rods for 2 days 1 night is £28 this is from the time you arrive on your first day between 7 am to 7.15pm until the time you decide to leave on your last paid day at 7.15pm.

There are no Non-paying overnight guests- all guest have to pay the full ticket price.

Best Baits:
Baits vary through the year but all baits stocked at Sharon's Cafe are proven baits that work at Tanyard.

Getting There:
Located just off the A275. When traveling north up the A275, turn right on to Tanyard Lane about 400 metres before Danehill. The fishery is half way down Tanyard Lane on the right hand side.

Tanyard Fishery was created since 1987 and is Owned by Bernard and Sharon Brown. There is 30 Acres of mature Aquatic landscape where specimen hunters and novices alike can find a lake to suit their needs.

Coarse Pool 1
The smallest on the complex at only 1/3 acre, this pool has a prominent Stocking of Crucians, Tench, Rudd and Roach a good spot for Crucian hunters and novices.

Coarse Pool 2
This pool is set with a central island and sunken tree holding carp to 23lb & there are a good head of 4lb to 12lb carp, there are bream to 8lb and Tench to 7lb plus some roach and Rudd to 1lb. There are catfish to 30lb and a mixture of koi ghost and grass carp.

Coarse Pool 3
Is a similar stocking to coarse pool 2 with a slightly bigger head of silver fish, the carp run to 23lb and the bream and tench run to 8lb and with a larger head in size of roach and Rudd that go to 2lb the perch run to 3lb and the crucians run to 3lb. This is very much a featured pool with a good variation in depth.

Carp Free Pool
This lake is a little gem with some cracking specimens beneath its water, the bream and tench run to 8lb and the perch have been landed to 4lb+ the roach and Rudd have grown to and impressive 2lb goldfish run to 6lb a and the koi'a also run to 6lb.

Specimen lake 1
This is one of 3 specimen lakes all have thee own character specimen 1 is ideal for stalking and close in feature fishing. The carp run to 30+ with some cracking fully scaled mirror and linear carp. There is a good chance of a 20lb carp here with a good head also ranging from 13lb to upper teens. This lake also is the pike water with the biggest pushing 25lb. A great predator lake when they're on the feed.

Specimen lake 2
This is the smallest of all 3 specimen lakes with a select amount of larger carp to 38lb. A big hit among the serious carp angler as its known to produce a 30lb+ carp, with a good head of upper 20's backing them up. A challenging lake with great rewards

Specimen lake 3
The biggest of the 3 specimen lakes and with good reason with Catfish to 70lb+ which if hooked you will make use of the lake in giving you a fight to remember. The carp go to 34lb+ in which multiple catches can be a common occurrence if you get them feeding.

Fishery Rules:
Strictly Barless hooks only
Landing nets compulsory
No leaving rods unattended
No rod sharing
No keepnets or sacking
All fish must be returned to the water asap
No standing with fish
No nuts of any kind
No fixed leads
No lead core
Additional Specimen lake rules
All coarse pool rules apply 36"+ landing nets
Large unhooking mats
Minimum 12lb line
No wires or trebles for catfish
Semi barbed hooks for pike

Site rules:
No dogs even in cars
No caravans
No fires
No ground level BBQs

Reader Review:
Having recently retired I decided to return to coarse fishing. Having tried several over the last couple of years I discovered the Tanyard and since then I havent looked back. As a hobby [not serious] angler I like to fish the no2 carp pond. I have never had a day when I have not succeeded in catching st least 10 or more carp,usually all over 5lb with my personal best so far of a 14lb mirror. The staff are always ready to help if needed and the facilities are excellent. Well done Tanyard.
Bruce Taylor, August 2012

Reader Review:
I have just come back from a 3 day, 2 night fishing trip to Tanyards Fishery and I was impressed at the standards there. I was especially pleased that the toilets were clean and the bailiff was nice and offered advice where occasionally you get Bailiffs who are rude and act like they are doing you a favour. I fished 2 days on Specimen lake 1 and caught nothing but then moved to the carp lake and was much more successful, landing common carp between 9 and 15lb using halibut pellets which were really effective. I was impressed with the price to stay at the fishery only being 12 for 24 hours with 2 rods and would recommend this fishery to anyone who enjoys a bit of quality Carp fishing.
Sam Collins, Age 16, August 2011

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