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Where to fish ? Coarse fishing venues in West Sussex
- Passies Pond -

Fishing Hut
carp (common, mirror, ghost, grass and koi) chubtenchruddroachperchbreampikebarbelcrucian carp

Location in South East:
Church Farm, Coombes, Lancing, West Sussex, England, BN15 0RS.

* Tel: 01273 465257
* E-mail:

Day Tickets:
* Day: Adult 10 - Junior 5 - OAP 6 - Disabled 6 - Students 6
* Evening(5pm to Dusk): Adult 5 - Junior 3 - OAP 3 - Disabled 3 - Students 3
* 24 hour: Adult 18 - Junior 10 - OAP 10 - Disabled 10

Toilets and tackle shop available as well as Passies Angling Club which allows anglers to fish after dark and to compete in matches.

Best Baits:
Luncheonmeat, sweetcorn, paste, maggots, bread and worm.

Getting There:
Follow the A24 until you get to the Washington Roundabout. Take the Steyning (A283) exit. Follow this road to the end until you get to a roundabout. From here take the 4th exit into Maudlin Lane. Follow this lane up to the 'T' junction and turn left into Annington Road. Passies Pond and Church Farm are approx. 3 miles along the road.

Passies Pond consists of 2 coarse fishing lakes, the largest of which has been stocked over the years with carp and tench as well as chub, roach, rudd and perch. The fish in the match lake are smaller but there are plenty of them. Restictions on amount of bait and groundbait allowed. Barbless hooks and carp friendly keepnets only.

November 2010:
The lakes are fully open and have been given an all clear for 2010 and so hope that the dreAded virus does not return.

pike are present in the lakes but Passises do not allow fishing for them with any other bait but worms.

Spring 2005
Last season saw the introduction of several thousand hybrids of 6-10oz each. They have grown quickly and now average 1lb 8oz and provided excellent winter sport taking various baits with corn being the most effective. As the weather warms up, they are increasingly falling for pellet and paste. The larger ones tend to be found aound the Bank while the smaller ones prefer the Road and Bunker banks. In addition 3,000 small carp have been introduced to the Match Lake.

November 2005
A new 22 peg lake has just been finished and will be open for use in the spring of 2006.

Reader Feedback:
On your Passies Pond article it states there are pike in the venue. This is true but it's is to keep the roach and rudd at bay and are not to be fished for under any circumstances. I found this out when I caught one by mistake. Also it has been closed due to khv, its due to open in March 2010.
Christopher - January 2010

Reader Feedback:
Have had some good success at Passies this year in Janurary and February. So far I have had 6 day sessions at Passies Ponds, all on the main lake. Here is how they went:

- On the first visit I landed 9 carp to 8lb and 2 bream.
- On the second visit I had 5 carp to 7lb, 2 bream and a 2lb tench.
- On the third visit I landed 3 carp to 8lb and a bream.
- The fourth visit was really special, I landed 11 carp, including 4 doubles (10lb 7oz mirror, 11lb 9oz common, 10lb 15oz mirror and a new PB 16lb 9oz common). It was my best winter session ever at Passies.
- The fifth trip was also a good one; I landed 8 carp, including 2 doubles (11lb 1oz mirror and a 15lb 7oz mirror). I also landed a 1lb bream.
- On the sixth trip, I landed 4 carp - biggest 8lb 1oz and 3 bream to 2lb. I caught all the fish legering, using a variety of different hair-rigged baits. e.g. corn, spam, 10mm pellets, antbait pellets. I caught them from open water and close to the island.
Natty Thomas - Sayer (15 yrs old) - March 2007

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