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- Thorpe Lea -

Fishing Hut

Location in South East:
Thorpe Lea Road, Thorpe, Egham, Surrey, England.

01784 492182 or

Day Tickets:
Day ticket fishing only with tickets available from bailiffs on the bank. Adult day tickets cost 12 [2 rods max.] with concessions available. The fishery gates open at 07.00 and are locked at sunset. The fishery has no close season.

Car Parking.

Best Baits:
Maggot, sweetcorn, boilies.

Getting There:
From the South, leave the M25 at junction 11 and follow the signs to Thorpe Park on the A320. Take the B388 all the way to Thorpe Cross. Straight over the roundabout, then the road runs parallel to the M25. The fishery is on the left.
From the North, follow the B388 from Egham, turn left then right at two mini-roundabouts and the fishery is opposite an industrial estate.

Opened in June 2004, Thorpe Lea, sponsored by Gardner Tackle is an 18 acre lake with 60 swims. RMC in partnership with British Waterways stocked this water with 2,500 carp to 18lb from Drayton Reservoir in the Midlands. As far as RMC are aware these are the only fish in the lake so anglers are unlikely to be bothered by any smaller species. Depths vary from 2ft to 13ft with a number of gravel bars dotted around as well as three islands. Nearly all the swims have some form of cover. No barbless hooks above size 14 allowed and no particles are permitted except hemp, corn/maize and pellets. All anglers must use a large padded unhooking mat.

Thorpe Lea has already proved itself to be a spectacular fishery. Winter features with Ian Russell, Richard 'Cash' Farnan, Martin Bowler and others for the leading magazines have all resulted in non-stop action and mega hauls of carp.

Reader Comments:
I think Thorpe Lea need to stop night fishing all together and give the day anglers a chance to fish, even if they told them to gey out by in the mornig and not to return till 7 pm. All Thorpe Lea are thinking of is the money they are making, not the fisherman who don't get a chance to fish ... out of order!
David Smith

Reader Comments:
Certainly not the best looking carp in the world but if your PB is under 15lb then you HAVE to visit Thorpe Lea. I caught 10 carp in 5hrs to 21lb 40zs. A fantastic days fishing. Highly recommended.
Keith Osborne

Reader Comments:
Last Thursday (27th July 2006) I took 110lb catch of 8 mirror carp from Thorpe Lea Fisheries, Surrey in 5.5 hours - biggest at 17lb 5oz
Tom Lees

Reader Comments:
Thorpe lea is a great lake - had 45 carp in 2 days. Best days carping ever, biggest was at 21lb 2oz.
Lewis - March 2007

Reader Comments:
16.05.07 Thorpe Lea, My first visit 2 x 14lb mirrors and a 24lb mirror (my p.b) all on Chinese 5 spice fried Bacon Grill chunks. Totally ignored the boilies. Top Banana
Pat Hayworth

Reader Comments:
Thorpe Lea - what a bad venue since they have allowed night fishing. You can not get on the fishery !! Today I spent 100 on bait and petrol to only get there and find every swim taken by night anglers. If you go fishing here expect to waste money and be disappointed - stay away !!

Reader Comments:
The first time I went to Thorpe Lea, about a year ago, I had 4 or 5 fish weighing to about 11-12lb each. A good catch but I did not take any photos because of the state of the fish. It was terrible ! All their mouths were ripped apart and all of the fish I caught had many scales and fins removed. It made me wonder where the fish had been!! Very bad condition.
David Rudley - July 2007

Reader Comments:
Thorpe Lea is a really good place to fish - had about 6 runs when I was a sleep my mate said. Best day of my life. Broke my PB and got 4 fish, 3 X 16lb and one 14lb.
Chris - October 2007

Reader Comments:
Had a great night over Thorpe Lea lake: had 18 fish biggest to 21lb. Pellet seems the way to go over there and any one just starting get yourself over there, u wont be disappointed.
Louie - July 2008

Reader Comments:
Thorpe Lea lake is no longer a RMC lake, it has been taken over by a man called nigel in May. Still great fishing down there on: a 24hr trip I had 19 mirrors and 2 commons, biggest was 27lb smallest was 15lb. The new owner has added some facilities, toilet bait and tackle shack and snacks. As the lake is quite a trek to the far swims the bailiff is more than happy to drive you round and pick you up in his little buggy. The night bailiff is very friendly and helpful too.
Dan Huff - July 2008

Reader Comments:
Thorpe Lea - what a great lake! My brother and I have fished here the last two years and had some great nights, plenty of carp between 10-20lb and a PB for me at 28lb 1oz. Since Gary and his wife have taken over its even better, its a lot cleaner, the swims are wood chipped, onsite toilets, bait, tackle, buggy to get to your swim - what more can you ask for. A great place for all ages !
John Peters - Nov 2008

Reader Comments:
Fished Thorpe Lea 3 times now: great lake, very friendly and helpful as well. When you buy your ticket they have a map to show you all the swims. What a great days fishing and loads of fish to catch.
Darren Jackson - Jan 2009

Reader Comments:
Great place to fish if you know the right spots and where the gravel bar is. Pop-ups highy recommended. Some damaged fish down to anglers dropping them but I'm happy with my 21lb 2oz caught on 21/03/2009. Count me as a regular.
Nicholas James - March 2009

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