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Where to fish ? Coarse fishing venues in Surrey
- River Bourne, Chertsey -

Fishing Hut
- River Bourne, Chertsey -

Location in South East:
Chertsey, Surrey, England.

Local tackle shops [see Tackle and Bait Shops - Surrey].can direct you to the best spots.

Day Tickets:
Free fishing on this section of the River Bourne.

Car Parking.

Best Baits:
Maggot, bread, worms, meat

Getting There:
Leave the M25 at junction 11 and follow signs for Chertsey on the A317. Turn left at the first roundabout. At the end of Chertsey Road, take the right hand fork into Fordwater Road, then at the next crossroads turn right into Mead Lane and follow it down to the marina car park.

The River Bourne is in places little more than a stream but can offer some excellent coarse fishing, particularly during the autumn and winter months when the river is in full flow. The River Bourne rises in the west in the grounds of Windsor Royal Park and flows through Surrey where it meets the Thames at Hamm Court, Weybridge. For most of its length it flows through private land and is therefore unfishable, although easy access is assured around the Chertsey area.

Chub [to 5lb] and Barbel [to 6lb] are the main species sought after on the Bourne although there is a chance of the odd bream or carp along with roach, dace, perch and pike. Simple methods work well. Trotting a stick float fishing maggot will catch just about anything, whilst bread on a small ledger is deadly for chub and roach.

One stretch of the River Bourne with easy access [including 2 disabled friendly swims] is Abbey Park on Free Prae Road, near to the centre of Chertsey, offering a variety of slow and fast flowing swims. The Meads is another stretch close by which offers some excellent roach, chub and barbel fishing. Access is down Mead Lane, off Fordwater Road. There are two car parks offering free parking.

venue review River Bourne Chertsey Reader Review:
I have fished the River Bourne with my dad for about 5 years now. But recently started going with a mate of mine. And all I have to say is "wow". There are incredible amounts of fish in this river. We got down to the river under the motorway bridge in Thorpe and started fishing at 7am. Within 5 minutes I had my first fish. From then on it was constant. Between us we caught approx 60lb of fish, with some larger roach and rudd. Towards sunset I decided to put a pike trace on, and it happened, I caught a pike. I couldn't believe it ! Approx weight about 6lb. If you have younger anglers this is definitely the place to go. However things to note, if fishing under the motorway bridge note the weather forecast as it doesn't take much rain in the autumn and winter to cause this river to flash flood. And watch out for fresh water crabs - have had a couple of problems with getting the hooks out of them. Otherwise good luck !
Luke Goodall - September 2010

venue review River Bourne Chertsey Reader Review:
I stumbled on this site by accident, when doing a Google search for the River Bourne; it's interesting to read other people's experience of fishing this small river.

I've fished the Bourne since I was young, and in spite of joining a number of fishing clubs, I seem to spend the majority of my time fishing this free local river. If you're new to the Bourne, it is worth spending the time and getting to know it, as there are some really good fish present. I've had barbel to 12lb 7oz, chub to 6lb 5oz, pike, bream, good roach and perch, as well as smaller fish like gudgeon and dace. Species I haven't yet caught from the Bourne include carp and trout, although I know they are both present.

There are a number of interesting free stretches that can be fished, including the "Pony Fields" in Thorpe (parallel with Thorpe Road), "The Outflow" (off Lyne Lane), the Gogmore Lane section in Chertsey, the Chertsey library stretch (downstream to Free Prae Road), and of course Chertsey Meads. There's also another branch of the Bourne that joins up with the main river on the Meads, and this can be fished up as far as the mobile home park. Further upstream, you can also fish from the park off Orchard Way/Brookhurst Road in Addlestone. My tip for barbel fishing on the Bourne, aside from the matter of locating them, is to fish when the river is up and coloured after rain.

Bait wise, when the river is up and racing through like a train, all you really need is a smelly bit of luncheon meat on the hook, and a fairly mobile approach. If you're interested in trying the river, I'd recommend doing some exploration of the various stretches and just giving it a go. You might be surprised what you end up catching from this small Thames tributary.
Dave Ashton - March 2008

venue review River Bourne Chertsey Reader Review:
River bourne just past twynersh fishing complex is fishing very well recently . . . Fair amount of barbel coming out to 8lb although my biggest is only 6lb 9oz . Some real donkey chub to over 5lb also fairly regularly getting caught on lob worms
Adrian Hoare - March 2007

venue review River Bourne Chertsey Reader Review:
I spent the day at chertsey today interseted in fishing the meads. It was as read on your site meaning the stingers being a nightmare. However I did manage to get to the bankside but I honestly cant see how anyone has ever caught barbel there. The only way I could envisage that is in winter maybe they might swim from the thames into there for respite. I've looked at various parts of that river before and can honestly say that I have never seen any signs of  aquatic life anywhere, no swirls no surface movement only water boatmen. I'd be interested to speak to anyone who knows of anyone who has caught there. Still not all gloom. I parked in car park and after extensive roving of the bourne I decided to hit the thames walking the opposite way from  the bourne. Did quite well picking up a few nice chub and a few nice perch til the weather got the better of me. I would recommend thames at the meads on feeder tactics.
Michael Allen - October 2006

venue review River Bourne Chertsey Reader Review:
Having been very interested in fishing The River Bourne near Chertsey Meads, I decided to make a visit and get an up to date view of The Bourne at Chertsey. What a shame. After moving up from the start of the river, I'm met by overgrown stinging nettles - not possible to even get near to the river. A little further greets me with what appears to be a stagnant pond area. For those thinking of fishing near The Meads its a no no. Great shame. The area needs urgent attention. Ministry of environment perhaps spend some of our licence money please in a clean up.
Thomas Denny - July 2006

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