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- Lizard Fisheries -

Fishing Hut
- Lizard Fisheries -

Location in South East:
Trout Road, Yiewsley, West Drayton, Greater London, England.

Dave Brett on 07931 255897.

Day Tickets:
Day tickets cost 10 - available from the ticket machine in the car park (need a good supply of pound coins)

Not available.

Best Baits:
Pellets, luncheon meat, bread. Fish a waggler up in the water for carp, or close in the margins.

Getting There:
Exit the A40 at junction 1. At the roundabout take the first exit onto the A4020 (Oxford Road). Bear left onto the A408 (Cowley Road). Continue on the A408 into Yiewsley and turn right at the traffic light onto Trout Road. Follow the narrow road over the bridge and turn right at the next junction. Parking for Lizard Fisheries is on the left after about 400 yds.

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- The two lakes at Lizard Fisheries -

Two man made lakes make up Lizard Fisheries which can provide some awesome coarse fishing, particularly in the warmer months. This is my "local" venue and if I can catch here, anyone can. Main species include carp, bream, tench, roach, rudd and perch. Take a good supply of pound coins with you because tickets are purchased from a ticket machine in the car park.

Reader Feedback: Jerry, January 2013
Fished Lizards lake 1 last Sunday. First fish, 9lb common carp on double maggot. Had a few bites and it was a bitter cold day. Will be trying the larger lake on my next visit. Tickets available at the machine in car park 10 per person and strict rules no oil based pellets, no boilies, no groundbait, no halibut pellets, barbless hooks only. You must get a ticket from the machine in car park as they do come round and check. It only takes pound coins so do make sure you have plenty of them. Even though there was a match going on I was still allowed to fish lake 1. Lake 2 you are allowed to use boilies. I would recommend this venue to anyone starting out.

Reader Feedback: Hasan, March 2012
Fished the lizard a few days back, my First time this year. It was a nasty cold day with strong winds. Didn't help that I tried to float fish for carp! Nothing seemed to work today. Tried luncheon meat, worms, white bread, maggots .... then thought i'd try some pellets on a band. Instant result:) Got a fish after five minutes using pellets. Well actually I lost the fish but at least a bite. In a 4hr session, nothing for the first 3 hours then after switching to pellets I got 5 runs in the last hour. Sadly lost 4 of them. They all felt small anyway. The one that was banked was only about 4 pounds tops. So my tip is try using pellets if you're heading to lizard lake one. Luncheon meat is a killer bait in the summer.

Reader Feedback: B - August 2011
Fished Lizard lake last weekend. We had 17 carp between 2 of us and lost 3. This fishery is fabulous, well stocked and good fun to fish. I am a beginner carper and managed to land over 9 fish in one day, all double figures. I will definitley be fishing it again this weekend. The only downfall is that they do not have toilet facilities.

Reader Feedback: Chris Millar - July 2011
Went fishing here on a Thursday afternoon (30/06/2011) with the missus who is a complete novice and had a great time. Went after the small fish and caught a load of roach and rudd, approx 30-40 of them (the biggest a rudd of just under 1lb by the missus). Oh and a small crucian carp. Fished a few red maggots on a float followed by a few loose ones about 12 inches below the surface and you could see the fish go mad when you threw them in, at least 4 fish around my float. Sometimes they were biting before I'd even got the bail arm over to be able to strike. All the fish were all beautiful quality and the carp there are mad, they were jumping clean out the water 20ft from the bank. Bailiff was a nice friendly bloke who gave us some good tips. Will definitely be back again soon but to try for a proper carp. Thanks to all involved in keeping such a gem of a fishery.

Reader Feedback: J Henson - September 2010
Lizard Fisheries Lake 1. Like all other people that fish here, let me put it this way, it is easy as could be to catch carp. For like the last 3 years I go every couple of months and weekly in the summer times. The conditions are not the best and I understand not all things are easy to maintain but the fish conditions are worse and worse by the day (plus I remember the days when I used to catch 15lb+ fish, not any more). Considering the size of the fish now (just my view, lake must of been restocked with small fish and had big ones taken out over the years). These fish are young but have too much damage too them.

Also like to note that some of the bailiffs (old grumpy guy with bad teeth) have some really bad manners. I like to take a walk around the lake first to talk to people and scout the lake out before fish but to my bailiff I'm some sort of criminal ( and its not just me). On a good note for fishing, this is the best place for the rookie carpers in the Uxbridge / West Drayton / Hayes area. Also the people who fish here and those that plan to fish here, no boilies groundbait and marine halibut pellets please. Let's all stick to the rules and rod licences are sometimes checked so make sure you have one. I was also wondering can we use live baits to tempt some of the big perch in this lake.

Reader Feedback: Mike - July 2010
I've been fishing lizard since I was a kid - I'm 25 now so i'm still a bit of one lol. BUT... one thing I have noticed when fishing here is the state of the fish. You used to catch the odd dodgy one with a bit of mouth damage or a ripped fin and I put it down to the fact the lake is always heavily fished. On my last trip however practically every fish I caught was damaged. I almost felt bad catching them. Don't get me wrong here because I'm not necessarily running the fishery down, i've had some memorable days there. Its where I caught my first carp for example, and lets face it everyone remembers their first time lol. Cant really fault the bailiffs either, they rarely miss a trick. Personally I think a bit more responsibility and care needs to be taken by the people fishing, but I suppose that's one of the hardest things to police. The bailiff can't be everywhere after all. That's it rant over. I do like Lizard, if you want to catch bags of carp all day long this is the place for you!

Reader Feedback: Alfie - July 2010
Lizards Lake no1. Read all the comments on this lake (very helpful). The staff were helpful (a bit) but very friendly. I used bread balls, worms, red mags and dough (flour and water mix) it worked. I fished 50cm off top during mid day and got many carp around 5-9 lbs, also I fished bottom on worms and got bigger fish (5lb, 12lb, 9lb and 15lb). The silver fish are too easy, a handful of mags then 2 on a small hook and bingo, roach, perch. 7.5 out of 10 (not the best looking but good for fish). Off again next week but this time i'll get there early as it gets packed after like 10am.

Reader Feedback: Mass - July 2010
Lizard fisheries 1 - Good venue, full of carp. Had good times at lizard over the years. Caught carp every time (my best 21 pounds 2 ounce common). But in the summer holiday times it is hard to find a peg to fish. Everyone uses boilies (I'm not sure of the rule on this), seen ground bait go in AND worst of all some of the fish are in bad condition. Lots of mouth damage. Maybe they should upgrade the ticket machine so it takes notes as well.

Reader Feedback: Barbara Wickham - July 2010
Just had the worst evening and day at Lizards! Cost 40 for two for 18 hours due to the unruly bailiff's! Come on guys, get your acts together! What a great venue but don't spoil it! Take cash on the bank too! Saw about 12 people get told off SOOOOO LOUDLY!!!!!! Also, please answer the mobile now that you advertise on the web.

Reader Feedback: Jen & Jim - June 2010
Fished the Lizard 1st time last week and we both had a great day along with David. All of us pulled out fish 10lb plus on every swim - carp, barbel, tench, all in 1st class condition. Well done the Lizard for good housekeeping!

Reader Feedback: Christopher Humber - Feb 2010
Wow, Lizard Fisheries just gets better and better! I,ve been coming here with my dad, a round trip of nearly 80 miles and absolutely love fishing there. We now fish on lizards 2 which is a great lake, not too easy but a great game of hide and seek with the carp in there. FAB.

Reader Feedback: Jay Mckenzie - May 2009
It's the first time that I've fished at Lizards in West Drayton - wot a cracker of a day. 6 carp, 2 tench about 50 roach, 10 bream and loads of perch and rudd. Lake number 1 is very easy. All you will need is a bit of bread on a float or red mags - I was catching every time a put my float out there. Lake 2 is easy to catch the small fish in there but its hard 4 the big ones. The biggest carp I had that day was 12 pound 6oz in lake number one. Looking forward to going again.

Reader Feedback: Phil Humber - April 2009
I have been fishing at Lizards for the last couple of months and cannot believe how prolific the fishing is. My 12 yr old son and I have pulled out a minimum of 12 decent carp, tench or bream every time we fished. A great venue which on a Sunday in particular is a little oasis in greater London. Well done to the owners.

Reader Feedback: Jack Rogers - October 2008
Lizard (1): pepperami strawberry flavour with a pva bag of pellets caught me a 11 lb, 9 lb, 7 lb and many more fish.

Reader Feedback: Paul Rainford - August 2008
Lizard Lake 1. Fished Monday 4th August. What a fantastic day. Caught 54 carp from 1 to 8lb. Lost at least 10 more. Had nice crucian, 3 tench, several bream and some nice big roach. All on the Pole!!!!!! Like to thank the fishery and staff for a great fishing experience ...

Reader Feedback: Tom - July 2008
Blooming marvelous: I caught 12, 7 pound plus carp and and a cracker weighing in at 11 pound 12 oz, I ledgered 20 ft out with a pineapple 12 mm pellet from dynamite baits. They were hooked on a size 8 hook. I recommend going. I'd take a couple of heavy floats and fishing out just passed the tree is another good tactic.

Reader Feedback: Michael Carter - July 2008
Fished at Lizard twice - wot can I say but a brilliant fishery, nice staff and a brilliant area: 10/10
Good food as well.

Reader Feedback: Elliot - June 2008
Fished at lizard many many times and had a great day. One day me and my dad caught approx 15 carp which where all above 6 lb. Great fishery in the summer - catch all day, big thumbs up!!!!!!!!

Reader Feedback: Jack Adams - May 2008
Fished at Lizard 4 times had one blank but all the other times I have caught beautiful carp and tench. 10/10!!!!!

For a personal view on Lizard Fisheries, see my Diary Page.

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