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- Frant Lakes Fishery -

Fishing Hut
- Frant Lakes Fishery -

Location in South East:
Court Lodge Down, Hawkenbury Road, Bells Yew Green, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England.

01892 616424

Day Tickets:

Main Lakes 1 - 6 Adults: 1 Rod £10.00
  Adults: 2 Rods £12.50
  Junior*: 1 Rod £8.00

Junior*: 2 Rods


Specimen Lakes 7 & 8 Adults: 3 Rods £20.00 (Over 18's only)
Half Day
Main Lakes after 1pm
Adults: £7.50




                         Main Lakes £25  2rods Specimen Lakes £30 3rods

Main Lakes 1 - 6 Adults: 2 Rods £25.00
  Additional 24 hours £20.00

Junior: 2 Rods


  Additional 24 hours £12.50
Specimen Lakes 7 & 8 Adults: 3 Rods £30.00
  Additional 24 hours
Over 18's only
Spectators (At our discretion.) Adults: £7.50
  Junior*: £5.00
* You either have to be over 18 or have someone with you who is, to fish at Frant Lakes

Please note:
All Tickets expire at 7pm each evening. Anglers are requested to be off the lakes by this time.
Spectators (1 per Angler) £7.50 each (Insurance Charge).
No unaccompanied Junior Anglers or Spectators at any time.

Three car parks, food bar open all summer and at weekends during the winter, toilets, disabled swims and life belts.

Best Baits:
corn, worms, meat, maggots, casters, breadflake.

Getting There:
Follow the A21 from London to Hastings and at the Pembury roundabout, turn right. Follow this road until you reach a T-junction, then turn left. The fishery is 100yds on the right.

Frant Lakes Fishery offers coarse fishing on eight lakes, three ponds and a stretch of the River Teise. The fishery boasts just about every British coarse fish that swims and all eight lakes hold carp to over 20lb.
Lake 1 [The Skirmish] has a long thin island running through the middle and the average depth is five feet.The carp in lake 1 average 7lb but there are ghost carp to 20lb along with roach, rudd, tench, crucian, perch and bream.
Lake 2 [Stumps] named after the stumps that protrude from the water, has a wide main area one end, narrowing at the other. There are no islands but the lake has plenty of features such as overhanging trees and bushes. Holding similar species and weight to Lake 1, it holds carp to 30lb along with many low doubles.
Lake 3 has a sunken island 30yds from the near bank with two bays on the far side. Carp have been reported to 25lb with shoals of silver fish present too.
Lake 4 [The Car Park] is stocked with carp to mid-twenties, loads of bream to 5lb, roach to 1lb 8oz, perch to 4lb as well as rudd, tench, crucians and goldfish.
Lake 5 [Waterfall Lake] is the smallest lake [about half an acre]. It has a long thin bay at one end and a waterfall at the other. It contains carp to 20lb, masses of silver fish, tench and perch.
Lake 6 has few features apart from some overhanging trees and bushes. Containing carp to 20lb, a goof head of crucians to over 2lb, bream to 7lb, tench to 5lb as well as shoals of rudd, roach and perch.
Lakes 7 & 8 [Snags] are named after the sunken trees present in the lakes. Although difficult to fish, these lakes hold some of the biggest fish on the complex. Carp reach over 30lb, there are lots of bream and perch to 4lb. The lakes also hold tench, roach, rudd, crucians, goldfish and the odd chub to 3lb. There are also rumours of huge catfish.
The River Teise has ben stocked by the fishery with carp, goldfish, roach, rudd, bream, barbel, perch, chub and dace. This is an ideal venue for the match angler who can fish a pole across the far side under the overhanging trees.
Three Ponds all hold plenty of fish. These are best fished with a waggler or small whip with corn, worms, meat, maggots, casters or breadflake.

Reader Feedback - Brian - June 2015
My Brother and I went to Frant Lakes for the first time this last week, 15th to 19th June, From the moment we arrived we were very comfortable, the price was amazing, the staff were excellent and the fishing was fantastic. My brother and I had a well earned rest over the five days we were there and were treated wonderfully by the staff. All are very helpful. We ate breakfast in the cafe each morning cooked by Sandra and the presentation was lovely with a smile. That's after we had used the shower suite which is very clean and wonderfully warm, fantastic after spending the night in a cold Bivvy. Would we visit Frant Lakes again? MOST definitely. Can't wait for our next trip. The manager I found to be most approachable and a gent, perhaps the people that gave bad reviews should think about their personal attitude, possibly lacking in people skills. Anyway, well done to all at Frant Lakes. We'll be back, thank you.

Reader Feedback - Mark - June 2013
I have been going to Frant for the last 4 years and I fish pretty much every other weekend. I have lost count how many times I have been to Frant but I can honestly say I have only blanked about 3 times, my biggest fish was a 28 mirror and have had plenty of doubles. Although I mostly aim for carp I often target perch and there are some great specimens there. The site itself has every amenity you need including great food, I absolutely love the place. Most people only ever make bad reviews when they blank. Make up your own mind and give it a couple of goes.

Reader Feedback - Linz Lewis - August 2011
I am new to fishing and made a visit to Frant back in June. All the staff couldn't do anough to help and now I'm hooked and am there every Saturday carp fishing. Have even taken my boys age 8 and 11 we had a great family day with plenty of fish.

Reader Feedback - Bill Horlock - July 2010
Afer arranging a 24hour session at Frant Lakes with a friend I found your website and read the reviews for the lakes. Some of the reviews, particularly the last two left me thinking that we had made a mistake in our choice of venue. Anyway, I turned up at 4.30pm Thusday afternoon. Two guys were sitting at the entrance. One was the bailif, the other I found out later was the owner. I have to say that these guys could not have been more polite or helpful. They were quite happy to issue me the ticket early. (The 24 hour ticket is from 7pm to 7pm the following day, but you can turn up from 5pm). Before parking my car the owner informed me that the midges were biting and gave me a citronella candle on trust. They charge £1.50 for them but he wouldn't take any money and said to either pay for it when was leaving if I needed to use it, or return it to the office on the way out if not.

I'd only fished the lakes once before, several years ago, so it was guess work on whereabouts we were going to fish. We elected a double swim down the end of the sunken island lake. Throughout the night and following morning sport was okay without being spectacular. We caught about 8 small carp up to about 8lb. Then all of a sudden at around 2pm the place went absolutely mad! When you cast out it was a race to get the rod in the rest and the indicator hooked up before you got a bite. As hard as I tried, from then until 6pm, when I had to pack up, I could not get two baits in the water at once! Lost count of the number of fish that I caught. They were all between about 5lb and 13.5lb. Only two doubles, but I have never known an afternoon like it in 35 years of fishing. I was fishing boilies and maize in PVA bags to the centre of the lake, but I think that I could have put any bait on the hook and caught fish.

I would never say that either of the previous two reviewers did not have a bad experience when they visited the lakes but you have to take people how you find them, and as I said, I found the owner and bailif very polite and helpful, and the fishing was unbelievable!

Reader Feedback - David - April 2010
I just read the review of Frant lakes. I visited the lakes for the first time in a few years to take my friends boy's on their first fishing trip. I chose Frant has I had many a god day there several years ago. How things change. We received the worst/rude so called greeting I have ever had at a venue any of any kind, let alone a fishing venue which always should be welcoming. When I commented on how I felt this was not accetable as I was trying to encourage the boys to take up fishing, and a litle help on choosing which lake to fish was not asking for to much. I had little choice but to take the boys elsewhere as they were very upset by the tone of voice and indifference shown to us. I would advise anyone thinking of visiting this venue to think again.

Reader Feedback - Neil - November 2009
After over 20 years of fishing Frant lakes, I have seen it slowly go down hill, all due to the arrogance of its now owner, I have witnessed this patronising over baring arse talk down to unfortunate people who have paid for a nice quiet days fishing, Frant Lakes are the fishing venue equivalent of Faulty Towers, but for me the straw that broke the camels back was as follows:

It was a Saturday morning, on arrival my friend and I reported to the office to pay for a 24 hour session, only to be told that all the lakes where booked for matches, and the only lake available was the bottom half of the specimen lake, we where told it would cost us over £30 each, we asked if the boss (Mr Bowman) would consider giving us a bit of discount as his website had not reported that any matches where on, and that we had travelled a long way, so the bailiff duly went and asked him, only to return and inform us that we had to pay the full amount or no fishing.

I knew his farther well and am sure he would be appalled with the way his money grabbing son is running the business that he had spent years in building; I wish him to be assured that, that one act of shear greed will now cost him many of hundreds of pounds, as myself and my friends will never visit this once wonderful venue ever again.

So be warned, if you make the trip down there; be prepared to have your time wasted. Please vote with your feet, and with a bit of luck he may sell-up to someone who will care for these lakes and its patrons.

Reader Feedback - Vianne Carr - September 2009
Six of us went to Frant Lakes on the 12th Oct and had a really nice day. I got my PB, a 12lb 2 oz common carp and an 8lb 4oz carp. Not all of us caught but still had a great day. We had broke our flask and would not of been able to have a hot drink but the bailiff gave us a spare flask which was great. The owner had broke his leg and had to get round on crutches and a mobility scooter - being disabled myself, we had a good chat about other fisheriers and how they don't realise how hard it is for us to fish comfortably, and he is having alot of work done i.e shower block, cabin, cafe and tackle shop. I would like to say thank-you to the fishery for a great day and we will be back at the end of the month.

Reader Feedback - Anthony Webb - September 2009
Where do I start. I did a night fish at Frant Lakes with my partner and 2 friends. We fished lake 3. I rang up the lake various times to check out the lake prices. I was getting told different prices every time. The internet prices where saying £17 a night, when I rang they said £22 for 24 hrs. So in my eyes they're false advertising. The swims at the lake have a big drop. My partner is semi disabled and the lake is meant to be for disabled people - she was in a lot of pain by end of the night. The lake is very badly snagged up, the swims are covered in over grown trees which means you end up catching more trees then fish. We lost various floats and feeders. The toilets where in the middle of the woods up a hill and had no lighting. Like i've said, the lake is meant for disabled people, how are they meant to see.

On the Sunday they had paint balling going on. I went to the toilets and nearly got hit by a paint ball. There where kids fishing at the lake, what if it hit a child. The owner/wife or partner of the lake were very rude and had attitude towards everybody, even towards his friendly staff that welcomed us all, more then the owner did. This was mine and my partners first ever experience of night fishing and it's the worse experience we both have had. We were totally put of and we will not be coming back to this lake ever again.

Reader Review - Keith Crowder- April 2008
Went to Frant Lakes for the first time on Monday (to be honest it's the first time i've fished in England). Me and my mate pulled out 37 fish about 10 4.5lb to 9.1lb carp and 20 odd bream. Had a brilliant day and has given me the bug to take it up regularly. Security guard was very friendly and it seems very well run. Other anglers were keen to offer advise and let me know what they had, had. Over all a very memorable experience.

Reader Review - Steve - April 2008

When I'm not off on my specimen hunting French trips I always use Frant as my home fishery, even thought it's not a renowned carp specimen complex, I merely use it because I'm usually guaranteed a relaxing hassle free session, regardless of if I catch or not. The surroundings are pleasant, and its relatively quiet, the vast majority of other anglers that I have spoken to are friendly and helpful. The staff are also friendly and helpful, the on-site snack bar is very handy, and run by an amicable chap more akin to a stand up comedian. A mobile security guard does a once nightly visit around the car parks, which is reassuring. Paul, one of the owners, who we see more of, is very accommodating, and with the help of his family goes out of his way to see everyone has a good session, even though it seems (in a cheerful way) that he has a blasť attitude to complaints he does give them attention and gets them resolved.

The complex is well looked after and the toilets/wash areas are always clean and tidy. There are a few swims dedicated to the disabled angler with bank-side parking, along with some smaller lakes for juniors, most of the car parks are not too far away from the lakes. There are plenty of fish to go around including a few big'ns. Personally I've never blanked (well, once maybe) and my personal best for that fishery is a 27lb mirror, but I have seen a couple of bigger ones pulled out.

Overall it's an ideal place to fish and in my opinion well worth a visit.

Reader Review - Anne - November 2007
Half day tickets are available at Frant Lakes as my sons and I have used them since we first came to the lakes around June this year.

As we have football in the mornings at the weekends we have only ever used the half day ticket and have paid monies to many people in the ticket office. We have found both Mr Bowman and his wife to be most helpful and polite on this our first season of fishing. Bailiffs have also taken the time to offer us advice and tips to make the most of our time at the lakes.

We would highly recommend these beautiful well stocked lakes and hope that the previous review has not put people off.

Reader Review - Jel Holyoake, Kent - May 2007

This may sound silly but what planet do some fishery owners live on??

I recently went to Frant Lakes off the A21 in Kent. I arrived at 2.45pm and wanted to single rod surface fish the 'snags' (specimen lake) until the complex closed, 7pm. I was told by the bailiff that I would have to pay for an entire day, £15. I told the bailiff it was only for a few hours but he insisted that the owners would not let me fish unless I paid the full price. As there were only 3 cars in the car park I could quite clearly see that the complex was empty, but my £7.50 wasn't enough.

Are they so detached from reality that they can't understand that some people only wish to fish for half a day and that on most waters there is a half day ticket policy.

I went down the road to Elphicks where I was sold a ticket for £6 and had 20 fish. I like Frant Lakes, but I think I'm going to struggle to go back there, a place I have intermittently fished over the last-at least 15 years when Les Bowman (the present owners father) ran it.

How times change. When Les knew I was coming down by train he used to pick me up from the station and chuck my bike in the back of his little white van with his Alsatian. They were the times when the complex was struggling for anglers and he was consistently fighting the council for planning permission. I was also the person whom he asked to tell all my friends that Frant was back on it's feet years ago when they had a big fish kill after witnessing the first 20 out, they thought all the big fish were dead.

Sometimes the little £7.50's are better than the no pounds-no pence at all, and us people who get the odd half day off can fish at a fair price.

Please note the views expressed on these review pages are not necessarily endorsed by Fish South East.

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