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Fishing Hut
- Darenth Fishing -carpbreamtenchpike

Location in South East:
Darenth Hill, Dartford, Kent, England.

01322 290150

Day Tickets:
- 7am-6pm £8.00 for one rod
- 7am-6pm £15.00 for 2/3 rods
- 7pm-7am £15.00 for up to 3 rods
- 24 hour tickets £26.00 for up to 3 rods
- NO over night guests except partners and parents

Disabled facilities and food and drink available.

Best Baits:
Not available.

Getting There:
Not available.

Darenth Fishing consists of six coarse fishing lakes catering for all types of anglers. Willow, Club and Bling are great for younger anglers, with Terrapin and Long lake for the specimen angler. Glod lake is a 36 peg match lake with average match bags of 45-60 lbs.

Main species include carp, tench, bream and pike.

* no keepnets allowed
* no particles allowed.

Reader Feedback - March 2016:
Me and my buddy thought we would have a try at Darenth Valley Fishery on 23-03-2016. I called them to ask them what would be the best Mixed/Match lake they told me: Club Pond. I proceeded to ask where should I pay them on the day of arrival and what was the opening hours they explained the hours and to pay the bailiff that would appear on the bank at some stage. They also explained we would need to bring Photo IDís and also all the fish would need to be released, Keep nets wasnít allowed and also I would need to bring a valid fishing licence. At that stage I was totally shocked that they would make so many strange requests and we thought well for one we fished all over the UK/Europe and we have never been asked for Photo ID. They made it sound like fishermen wasnít welcome in any way or form weather u were Foreign or British. We have never been treated in that manner or been grilled like that in any fishery in the UK. IF thatís how they run a fishery no wonder itís fallen apart. I was utterly plain shocked, we will never go to Darenth Valley Fishery even if it was free. Sadly the staff are plain rude. I only wished I had taken the gentlemanís name down that I had spoken to, as I think heís not fit to run or work in such a establishment with his preposterous spoken conduct.

Reader Feedback - August 2015:
The lakes at Darenth have nowhere to put rubbish aside from big bins as you come in. Fishing was tough but it is all about the chase and changing tactics or swim makes the difference. Had a number of Crucian out, not big but good fun. Had not been here for some time but will go back again.

Reader Feedback - June 2015:
I have been to this fishing complex 4 times now and I can say that it's such a shame that is not in the right hands. Why do I say that? The people in charge are so rude and often put you in situations when you are thinking whether is worth it. The bailif can be OK giving you advices and next you know he would be so rude that makes you rip His head off (I don't say you should, but he really presses all your buttons). As I said you can find some nice fish in there and every time I went it wasn't crowded either just that after My last experience i said never again. I went there last Saturday with my cousin whocame to visit the family for few days and because it was nice outside I thought that it would be good to go fishing with him somewhere local.

On our arrival I was greeted by a very grumpy bailif. Straight away he asked us if we have valid rod licences (even though I always renew my yearly licence, I have never been asked by a bailif before if I have a licence. For myself I had a yearly licence and for my cousin I only bought a one day licence since he doesnt require a licence for a longer time. His answer was "i'm not having you lot here only on a one day licence, chop chop pack up and leave". I was shocked and my instant reaction was to calm him down and tell the idiot that one day licence or one year is the same as long as is valid for that day when you are Fishing. I couldn't come to an agreement and instead of throwing him in the water I decided to call the office to see what they are saying. A lady answered the phone and she said that they don't even check people if they have valid licences and asked to give the phone to the bailif. After he put the phone down he said "OK, I can let you off only this time" as if he was doing me a favour. I packed up and told him to f Off. So for me it's never again.

Reader Feedback - August 2014:
Fished there today with my children, aged 8 & 6 and my retired father. Upon arrival we went to pay for our tickets and the man (the owner) said to charge the children £5 each which was a nice gesture. He then left. My father asked if there was a concession for OAP's to which the younger man behind the counter replied 'no you only got that because he (the owner) was here. I then enquired if the bait shop was open and was told 'don't know, haven't seen him' in a rather rude manner. A while later I went to use the toilets, they were absolutely disgusting and have clearly not been cleaned for some time, no toilet rolls, 2 of the 4 male toilets were out of order and the waste pipes were leaking, the smell was unbelievable. As my don was bursting we went to the female toilets which also had no paper and when I flushed them they backed up, clearly blocked. I went into the so called clubhouse and asked where the toilets were, to be told they were where I had come from and were the only ones. I informed the gentleman of the condition of the toilets and that there was no toilet roll and was told they didn't have any toilet roll but he could give me some napkins. I was not impressed with this response and was told that I could use the staff facilities but not to ask again.

The manner of the staff is extremely rude and unhelpful and the facilities would benefit from some money being spent on them. I have fished here recently due to the convenient location and have been spoken too in the same manner on all ocassions. I will seriously have to consider whether I use these lakes again. I feel sorry for the people night fishing here.
Ross Welsh

Reader Feedback - September 2013:
I have fished Darenth fishing lake for some time now, it is the most rubbish venue I have ever fished, the venue is disgusting quality. To be fair the fish in the lakes are smashing and big fish too, but the surroundings of the complex and the swims around the lake don't do the fish any favours. If the surroundings where tidyed up and new swims installed it would be a quality fishery.
Jack irlam

Reader Feedback - September 2011:
Fished Darenth long lake at the weekend and made me feel sick. As I went to bait a margin swim I came across two used womens tampons floating in the water and others on the bank and hanging in the tree. Overcrowded lakes, nasty people, crap service, loads of rubbish, Also, I was sold a ticket to fish the new catfish and carp lake which has twelve swims but which had some 20 or so anglers. Packed up and went home with no refund. First time to lakes and last rather. I'd rather give up angling. Should be called Darenth sess pool.

Reader Feedback - June 2011:
Went to Darenth for the 1st time in 3 years on Saturday 4/6/11 and had a very good day fishing. I did 8am to 6pm on the Terrapin Lake. I was using meat with a maggot feeder on one rod and 16mm strawberry pop ups on the other rod. I caught 3 big carp all over 15LB and a few small ones. Good place for a day or 24hr fishing.

Reader Feedback - February 2011:
I went to Darenth for the 1st time and went in to the Big Lake car park and got locked in! After 15 mins I got unlocked and went into The Lodge and got a white ticket for £45 for 3 people. The people in the cafe had a very aggressive attitude. I then had a walk around the lakes and decided that I wanted to fish the Long Lake so I went back in to the lodge and said "I'm going to fish the long lake". The lady in the lodge was very rude and said "you have to have a blue ticket to fish the long lake". That is just out of order. To fish the long lake is still the same price as the other lakes so I fished the terrapin lake. I spent 7 hours fishing and only had 1 fish which was a small slimy bream. There are big bins to put your rubbish in but people were throwing all their rubbish on the bank ... there is just too much litter. I WOULD NOT RECCOMEND DARENTH LAKE TO ANYONE. THE STAFF ARE VILE, RUDE, UNHELPFUL AND HAVE AN EXTREMELY AGGRESIVE ATTITUDE TOWARDS YOU.
Mr J

Reader Feedback - August 2010:
Having fished at Darenth for the last year after a long break from carp fishing I have found the staff there to be nothing less than totally friendly and helpful. On Long Lake some of the swims could be greatly improved by giving a couple of the trees a trim to make casting less of a chore but the fish are in great condition and I've seen fish up to 37lb come out and had some successful sessions there. But why so many people can't put their rubbish in the bins provided is beyond me - sheer laziness as there are large rubbish containers on most of the lakes by the entry points which are regularly emptied.
Andy Robinson

Reader Feedback - August 2010:
Just fished a 36hr session as part of a group booking of Long Lake. I had 3 fish out myself, all double figures. I would say that the lake itself needs a general tidy up, and the trees and bushes could do with a haircut to make the fishing a little more comfortable. There was way too much litter for my liking, (but this is obviously down to bad anglers as most of it is hidden amongst the undergrowth)and some of the swims are very close together. All of the fish I caught were lovely looking fish, although smaller than I had expected. The cafe food is great, but the hygiene in the toilets is another let-down. With a little TLC this has the potential to be a really cracking venue in my opinion.

Reader Feedback - June 2010:
I've fished Darenth since I was 12 years old and held a syndicate ticket for one year. It's got some of the nicest fish in the country, the day tickets hold some very nice fish, Iv' e had 5 different 20lbs. Great place and very nice anglers to associate with.

Reader Feedback - August 2009:
I have to agree with the last reviewer's comments on the Darenth complex. It has been allowed to fall into total disrepair, with the lakes not being maintained, tree's and vegetation being removed to get more anglers in and generally looking like a council tip. I recently asked for an evening ticket ( Which would be from 5pm to 8 pm ) and was told I had to pay full day ticket money, as were two guys who asked to extend their day ticket from the 6 pm finish until 8 pm. They were also told it would be another £13, this is for just two hours!!!! I wouldn't bother complaining as the staff in the lodge have a very aggressive attitude and you will be told to pay it or leave. I had fished this venue for many years as I live in the village, but I couldn't be paid to fish it now. It is just holes in the ground now with no character or angler appeal.
Colin Dan

Reader Feedback - December 2008:
The fishing in Darenth has gone down hill lately - I have fished there for 7 years now and used to catch very regularly but now it seems they have not taken care of any lakes apart from the syndicate. Sadly the only lake to keep up the catch rate is the Willow Lake. I wouldn't fish any other lake other than Willow if you intend to catch a decent amount of fish, although the biggest i have ever caught from willow is 14lb so if you are after the big one i wouldn't recommend Darenth to any one. Also the price per rod is wrong on this website its £8 per rod and £12 for two!

Reader Feedback - October 2007:
I've been carp fishing and going to Darenth for the last 18 months or so and I find the place and setting very nice and well kept. While I haven't had one of the big en's out yet (PB at the moment is 9lb), I'm intending to change that with a 36 hr session on 12/10. Would recommend Darenth to all carpers.
George Ellis

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