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Where to fish ? Coarse fishing venues in Kent
- Cottington Lakes -

Fishing Hut
- Cottington Lakes -

Location in South East:
Sandwich Road, Sholden, Deal, Kent, England, CT14 0AR .

01304 380691

Day Tickets:
Day tickets cost from 7.

Accommodation is available with five static holiday caravans on site as well as facilities for touring caravans and camping. There is a well stocked tackle shop, a cafe serving hot meals, snacks and hot and cold drinks. Toilet and showers, disabled facilities and night fishing also available.

Best Baits:
Not available.

Getting There:
On the A258 Deal to Sandwich road.

5 existing coarse fishing lakes make up Cottington Lakes, offering a variety of angling with a new lake due to be opened early 2005 - two mixed coarse lakes, two specimen carp lakes and a 93-peg match lake. Main species include carp, bream, tench, roach, rudd, perch and chub.

* No bans in force.

Reader Review: April 2007
Review removed at author's request.

Reader Review: September 2007
Your reviewer Paul gives a low assessment of his visit to Cottington Lakes. Whilst I do not doubt that he reflects his own experience, mine is somewhat different. I have visited Cottington on three occasions this year with my young son and friends to camp and fish. We have been treated courteously and in a friendly and helpful matter. There was no problem with distractions from other anglers, indeed we engaged in several pleasant conversations with others using the lakes, most of whom were more than happy to volunteer information gained from their experiences. We caught a variety of species as well as larger Tench and Carp.

Reader Review: October 2007
Just browsing and come across the review from Paul who fished Cottington lakes in Deal. Can not believe his assessment. I heard about the lakes last November, pretty scaly fish and a pleasant setting, so I visited the complex and fished Pepper Lake on a total of 4 nights between Christmas and the end of January. A mate of mine Ted fished on 2 nights and we caught a total of 10 fish with 8 of these between 21 to 26lb - stunning looking fish (as good as anything in Horseshoe).

The one thing we learnt very quickly was that every body else was fishing boilie over pellet - try something different. We caught all our fish on very small baits. The other thing was everybody fished within inches of the bank ... news flash people, its cold and everybodies doing the same thing, mix it up and it will bring fish, not just here but anywhere.

As to Paul's other comments, I found the staff helpful and pleasant, the cafe and bar is of a good standard, the water logged areas... get a life you are fishing, deal with it. The standard of fishing on offer seems fine, photographed a 31 plus on the next lake. Maybe it is your style of at fishing in question. Just because you failed does not mean the fishing is crap. The joy of fishing is surely fishing new waters and putting the pieces of the jigsaw together and become successful on a venue. And finally the quad bike, yes it is not ideal, but the fish see it every day so it is not a handicap as you probably imagine.
Peter Moxey

Reader Review: June 2008
Just read up on the article about Cottington Fisheries. Cannot believe some of the stuff said about it. I have fished all the waters apart from Black Lake and I have to say that it is one of the best fisheries I have gone to. I fish it as often as I can and mainly fish the specimen lakes. I have had carp to 25lb+ all of which have been in excellent condition. The staff have been friendly and for 35 for 48hrs I would recommend it to anyone.

Reader Review: December 2008
Just reading the comments from Paul - I have fished at Cottington Lakes since I was little and I have a member of family that works there, but moving on I have never had a bad moment there it is a great set of lakes. I normally use pineapple pop ups and I always catch fish. The shop provides all your needs. Since I started working there the quad bike guy (not saying name) has came up to me and had a freindly chat so thats my point. p.s try nightfishing on Alder - your assured a fish there, try going near the weeds - the carp and perch stay there in the winter and also very excited the new lake will be open soon wich is going to be connected to Alder but still going to be specimen. Has anyone got any tips for me..... happy fishing folkestone angler Josh
Josh Brazier

Reader Review: July 2009
The lakes are great and I caught a twenty three pound carp. The staff are very helpful (Billy especially). They know what they're talking about.
David Finlay

Reader Review: June 2011
Myself and a few friends only go here a couple of times a year as unfortunatly we live 65 miles away. All I can say is great lakes in lovely settings which are staffed by very friendly happy people. I'm a responsible but rubbish fisherman. I'm a very keen biker which takes up most of my time so I only go fishing every so often to relax. My tackle is cheap, I wear jeans and I tend to just plonk my bait out at random and hope for the best, so as you can imagine I don't catch much .... except when I'm at Cottington. Thank you to all the staff for your hospitality. See you again in a few months.

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