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- Churchgate Lakes -

Location in South East:
Churchgate House, Rectory Lane, Battlesbridge, Essex, SS11 7QR, England, UK

* Tony Runnalls on Tel: 07798 902315
* Website:
* E-Mail:

Day Tickets:
* Bottom Lake: 12 hour day ticket 10 [2 rods max, 6am-6pm]. Night fishing for members only [for prices see below]
* Top Lake: 12 hour day ticket 10 [2 rods max, 6am-6pm]. Night fishing for members only [for prices see below]
* Middle Lake: members only. Membership 30, annual renewal 20, day ticket 10, 24hr/night ticket 20

secure site with CCTV coverage, anglers lodge with bar and hot/cold food.

Best Baits:
Maggot, caster, lob worm, cheese paste, cat food, live baits

Getting There:
Not available

Nestled in undulating Essex countryside, Churchgate Lakes offers some of the finest fishing in the county. Set amongst a stunning 20 acre estate, the fishery comprises three lakes, each stocked with large fish and a diverse range of species. The complex boasts an impressive anglers lodge with superb views over the surrounding countryside. Offering the ideal location to socialise and catch up on the latest captures, the lodge also has a bar and hot and cold food. The site is totally secure and is protected by CCTV. The fishery also runs a full season of open matches, which are open to all. The draw takes place at 08:30.

Details of the three lakes at Churchgate are as follows:

Bottom Lake: Ideal for the smaller clubs, this lake consists of 26 strong, level platforms that take some beating for space and comfort. The lake holds a large head of big bream with nets regularly exceeding 120lbs last summer. The resident carp run to over 20lbs with crucians, tench, roach, rudd, perch, skimmers and ide all running to specimen weights.

Churchgate Lakes - Middle LakeTop Lake: A 5-acre water bisected by two large islands, Top Lake is the newest addition at Churchgate. This is a perfect water for the general coarse angler. Until recently, the lake has only been lightly fished and has been producing huge bags for the lucky few. The majority of swims have platforms and this is the ideal choice for holding group and club matches. This lake holds over 500 double figure carp, huge shoals of bream to 10lb as well as tench and roach.

Middle Lake: The dedicated specimen lake with fishing available to members only. 12 purpose bivvy swims are available. The current stock of fish are thriving and the average weight of the resident carp is 16lb with plenty of 20lb+ fish. Multiple catches are common with many night anglers landing five 20lb fish in a night. Catfish to 40lb are also present in Middle Lake. Always on the move looking for an easy meal, suspended live baits on a summers evening are sure to get you a take or two. This lake also holds roach, rudd, tench, perch and skimmers.

Reader Comments:
I have fished Churchgate fishery four times over the last 2 month's and will continue to do so for sometime to come. The fishery is clean and well managed by Tony who always has time to talk and give tips if needed. I took my older brother along with me who has not fished before. He landed an 18 pound 10 ounce mirror carp first run and is now looking for his first 20. Without doubt the best 10 pound I have spent for a day's fishing.
C Lester - October 2009

Reader Comments:
We regualary visit Churchgate Lakes at least once a month and we have never been able to fault it. It is always well maintained and clean. We have never seen any rats or dead fish not even in the margins. We also became members of this lake and we have both had carp up to 24 pound out of the members lake. The top lake is catch after catch especially of an evening. Tony the bailiff is very helpful and always gives us tips on what baits are best. We will always attend Churchgate Lakes for as long as it is there.
Julie and Simon Peters - November 2008

Reader Comments:
I went to Churchgate today and was very pleased with the place it was clean and a stunningly nice place. Tony the bailiff was very helpful. I caught 2 mirrors, 1 of 21lb and the second one of 15lb, my Grandson caught a 14lb 6oz common - it was a fantastic day out and we will definitely be back. I would like to thank all at Churchgate for allowing me to step into thier little piece of heaven for the day.
John McNally - October 2008

Reader Comments:
Having fished Churchgate Fisheries for the past year on a regular basis, I cannot fault it - plenty of 20"s and not seen 1 rat. Graham must have been fishing elsewhere or tripping. Well done Tony for running a superb fishery.
Stuart Sharp - June 2008

Reader Comments:
Fished Churchgate Top Lake and had a fantastic day. Tony the Baliff gave some good tips and I would recommend the lake to all.
PS. Didnt see any rats or dead fish!!!
David Parks - April 2008

Reader Comments:
I have fished this venue on several occasions over the last three years, the venue is well run clean and I have only seen a couple of rats over this period (hardly an infestation). Would recommend this venue to anybody who wants to enjoy a good days fishing in the Essex countryside: top lake is my favourite which offers excellent views across the countryside, can get a bit windy though.
Malcolm Maslen - April 2008

Reader Comments:
I have read with interest the comments and reviews by various anglers but I feel that I must make comment in response to a review by another 'Graham' in late 2007 who stated that there were loads of dead fish and rats everywhere. I have fished at Churchgate Lakes on several occasions both in matches and on a day ticket basis. I have only ever seen one dead fish in the margins (a Rudd) and I have never ever seen any rats nor seen any signs that they are present. As regards the dead fish, any fishery will suffer the odd few lost fish and in many cases these are caused by attacks from Herons or Cormorants leaving an injured fish which will often die later.

Churchgate is an excellent fishery with a good choice of lakes and a pleasantly different variety of fish from the usual 'Carp only' commercial fisheries. I personally have had over 30lb of Ide (a bit like a cross between a Roach and a Chub!) in a days fishing along with a few carp and Bream as well. I think this other 'Graham' must have been somewhere else because that was certainly not a valid description of Churchgate Lakes.
Graham Louth-Snellin - March 2008

Reader Comments:
Churchgate Lakes is where I started carp fishing 3 years ago. It has superb fish and is the cleanest fishery I have ever fished ... super place.
Stacey Cutmore - December 2007

Reader Comments:
We have spent a lot of money to make sure there are no rats on site at Churchgate Lakes and have for the last 2 years had a specialist company on a long term contract to control and remove any vermin and dead corpse on sight.
FACT - there has not been any sightings of rats at our fishery for over 2 years and I challenge anyone to prove otherwise. A few dead fish in the margins is par for the course on such a busy match fishery as the Top Lake. Our fishery is probably one of the best kept and strictly run fishery in Essex and the statement (below) sounds like sour grapes to me.
Tony from Churchgate Lakes - August 2007

Reader Comments:
Not very good - dead fish in edges on the top lake. Swims where OK but had to watch out as there are lots of rats running around so if you have children I would not take them there as could be bitten ... very poor.
Graham - July 2007

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