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Where to fish ? Coarse fishing venues in Buckinghamshire
- Great Linford Lakes -

Fishing Hut
- Great Linford Lakes -

Location in South East:
Parc Farm, Little Linford Lane, Little Linford, Bucks, MK19 7EB, England.

David Marle on 01908 612052 [9am to 5pm Monday to Friday only] or

Day Tickets:
This is not a day ticket water. To become a member of Great Linford Lakes requires purchase of a debenture. A limited number of debentures will be available for purchase from July 2005. Please contact GLL management directly at Parc Farm [details above] for further information. Please do not e-mail the Great Linford web-site to request details.

On-site tackle shop.

Best Baits:
Not available

Getting There:
Situated by the M1, just north of Milton Keynes. Visit their website for location maps.

Where to Fish. Coarse fishing venues in Buckinghamshire - Great Linford LakesGreat Linford lakes is a mixed coarse fishery comprising nine lakes and approx. 2.5 miles of river in Buckinghamshire.

Details of the waters are:-

A seven acre lake full of features including gravel bars, islands and many overhanging trees and bushes. In April 2001 the lake was drained and 1400lbs of roach, bream and a few tench were removed to the match lake. In addition, 20 carp between 18 and 20lbs were stocked.
A lake full of bays and channels with lots of overhanging trees. Weed of all type and numerous lily and reed beds. Carp to 34lbs, tench and bream and hordes of roach and perch.
Linford One
A clear shallow water of 22 acres with widespread weed beds. Carp to 42lbs+ with a number above 30lbs. There are also many large tench and bream, silver fish, pike and perch.
Parc Farm One
A small open water of three acres. Although it was drained and netted in spring 2000 there is still a very high stock of carp. Very large head of carp from 4lbs to 29lbs.
Parc Farm Two
More sheltered than Parc Farm One with variable weed. Large reed beds is one of the dominant features. Popular with the cat fisherman. Large stock of carp - 15lbs to 18lbs with a few over 20lbs. Catfish to over 50lbs and roach, bream, tench and perch.
A lake of approximately seven acres with many bays and channels full of reed beds, lilies, overhanging trees and bushes. Carp from 5lb to 25lbs, large bream shoals, tench roach,perch and pike.
A seventeen acre lake connected to Rocla. Clear and weedy with a wide variety of depths and a mass of features including reed beds, overhanging trees, lilies, bushes and gravel bars. Carp to 28lbs, tench and bream roach, dace, chub, perch and pike.
A thirty acre lake fringed with reeds, trees and bushes. There is also a large island. Carp to 29lbs, plenty of bream, tench and roach and perch and pike.
River Ouse
There is approximately a 2.5 miles stretch of the River Ouse within the fishery. There is a healthy stock of chub and bream but many anglers fish for the double figure barbel and large carp.

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