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17.07.08 - 30 Plus Genomic Carp Fishing Hooks

Fish South East has negotiated an exclusive deal with Ecceleston Angling Centre to bring you these superb carp fishing hooks from the 30 plus range.

Normally retailing at £2.50 per pack, all Fish South East readers can purchase a pack for £2.00, SAVING 50p.

** Discount only available to our readers **

All you have to do is hit the "buy now" button below which will redirect you to Eccleston Angling Centre's website. Please ensure you enter the coupon code UK Fisherman during the check out process to receive your discount.

30 Plus Camo Genomic Carp Hooks30 Plus Camo Genomic Carp Hooks

These are the first hooks designed to truly fool carp. These new strong 110 carbon, chemically sharpened are available in both barbed and barbless versions.

There are three camo patterns per packet for you to experiment with and each packet contains six hooks. 2 Reed Green patterns, 2 Mud/Gravel brown patterns and 2 Silt Black patterns.

RRP £2.50 - Special Fish South East offer £2.00

30 Plus Genomic Bottom Bait Micro Barbed30 Plus Genomic Bottom Bait Micro Barbed
Offers a hook suitable for both bottom and pop-presentations. It has a slight out-turn at the point that will aid hooking when used in conjunction with a semi-fixed bolt rig bottom bait presentation.

RRP £2.50 - Special Fish South East offer £2.00

30 Plus Genomic Surface Barbless30 Plus Genomic Surface Barbless

Available in three sizes, 6 - 8 and 10. This barbless pattern has been especially crafted for the floater angler and compliments the use of Chum Mixers and other surface baits. The Genomic Barbless Surface Hook is a dull bronze colour and features a Twin Etched process hook point. This pattern also offers a med-straight shank and is an eyed pattern. This is the ideal pattern for the surface angler but can also be used in conjunction with smaller particle baits for bottom bait presentations, like maize or tiger nuts. These hooks are very sharp and again as with our other two patterns, has a very slight out-turn on the hook point. Each of the three sizes comes packed in sixes on a point-protector backing card and with the added bonus of six free 30 Plus Eazy Bands to use with floating hook baits.

RRP £2.50 - Special Fish South East offer £2.00

Please note this offer is being run in conjunction with our sister site, Uk Fisherman

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17.04.08 - Places Available for Carp Trip to France

2 places have become available for a carp trip to Long Lake in France (Angling Lines Venue) 10th - 17th May, 2008.

Lake booked exclusively for 8 people. Price inclusive of Deluxe coach travel and Ferry to and from venue.

Pick up Brentwood, Essex.

Price: £360.

Anyone interested should contact Martin Cerulli on 01277 366 898 or email him at

More information on the venue can be found by clicking here >>

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‘Men don’t come much tougher’
The Sun

‘Bear is the first sex symbol of the post apocalyptic age’

The Times

Bear Grylls is an adventurer, record breaker and real life action hero. Experience his latest adventure from the comfort of your armchair as he braves the blistering heat and deadly sand storms of the Sahara Desert in Born Survivor – Sahara.

Bear Grylls has a built a huge following with his Born Survivor TV Series, originally screened on Discovery Channel, numerous television appearances and best-selling book Facing Up. Born Survivor – Sahara will be available courtesy of Demand DVD
on 28 January 2008.

No stranger to extremes, Grylls become the youngest Briton to climb Everest earning a place in the Guinness Book Of Records, prior to this he was the youngest Briton to climb Mount Ama Dablam in the Himalayaas, a peak once described by Sir Edmund Hillary as “unclimbable”. And he’s one of the few people to successfully complete the gruelling training for the French Foreign Legion; he also spent three years with the SAS and is a black belt in Karate.

This time, Grylls is heading to The Sahara, one of the most hostile places on earth. This two-hour feature length special sees Grylls trying to survive in unbearable conditions, from the shocking heat, the lethal sand storms to the lack of food and water. Resorting to his skills and unbelievable survival techniques, he demonstrates amazing instinct and learns new skills from the tribes he meets along the way. Lunching on lizards and scorpions and drinking water from a camel’s ruman (stomach compartment) adds to the excitement, and Grylls also demonstrates what to do if caught in deadly quick sand. The tension will keep viewers on the edge of their seat.

‘For full-on wind in your hair TV escapism, there’s nothing like watching Bear Grylls cavorting on the wilderness like a schoolboy who’s had too much Red Bull’
Radio Times

Extras: Born Survivor: Preview To Patagonia, Born Survivor: Preview To Panama

Title: Born Survivor Bear Grylls - Survivor
Release date: 21st January 2008
Running time: 120 mins
RRP: £19.99
Certificate: Exempt

Further Information:

For further information, to discuss competitions, clips or any other press materials please contact Debbie Murray at Aim Publicity on 020 8292 2818 or email

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Think you’ve got a raw deal? Just wait until you hear about these guys. Battling against forty-foot waves and freezing temperatures is all a part of the daily routine for the Alaskan crab fishermen in Deadliest Catch – Series 2.

Routine brushes with death are all in a days work.

The Deadliest Catch Series 2The hugely successful Discovery Channel series was nominated for seven primetime Emmys, and series 1 garnered a huge following with in excess of 3 million UK viewers. Deadliest Catch Series 2 will be released as a lavishly packaged five DVD set, featuring over 500 minutes of fantastic footage, on 28 January 2008 courtesy of Demand DVD.

This amazing documentary examines the fascinating lives of Alaskan crab fishermen as they struggle to survive in one of the most deadly vocations around. With an injury rate of almost 100%, this adventure is not for the faint-hearted. The Discovery Channel crew take us across the Bering Sea in search of the highly lucrative crab. With just a few weeks to reach their quota, these men must find what they so desperately seek, or risk going hungry the rest of the year. For this, they willingly jeopardise everything.

Competing against Mother Nature is a struggle, but with mounting pressure from regulatory institutions, these men must battle to keep their lives and income; as well as their heritage.

Follow the compelling lives of these blue-collar men as they encounter the perils of the Bering Sea. Discover the ups and downs and near death experiences all from the comfort and safety of your own armchair. Catch reality TV at its exciting best.

Extras: Second Deadliest Job In The World, Life On A Boat

Title: The Deadliest Catch - Series 2
Release date: 28th January 2008
Running time: 510 mins
RRP: £29.99
Certificate: Exempt

Further Information:

For further information, to discuss competitions, clips or any other press materials please contact Debbie Murray at Aim Publicity on 020 8292 2818 or email

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29.11.07 - Solar Powered tackle bag from The Solar Centre

The Solar Centre ( the UK’s premier supplier for all things solar allows fishing enthusiasts never to run out of power for their mobile phone, GPS unit as well as carry all their additional fishing gear with the Travis solar powered Fishing Tackle Bag.  

The hi-tech fishing bag is equipped with a thin, highly flexible solar panel that provides 1.5 watts of power with a single 12V charging outlet, creating enough power to trickle charge mobiles, GPS units or rechargeable AA batteries while the angler concentrates on casting the best line.

Of course, a Fishing Tackle bag has to provide room for all the kit needed for a successful day’s angling and the Solar Centre’s bag will stow up to 8 plastic tackle containers in its main compartment, while still offering roomy side and front pockets for storing additional gear.

The camouflage patterned 46 x 25 x 36cm 800 Denier Nylon Tackle Bag comes with a padded shoulder strap, top cavity, waterproof PVC bottom. The Travis Edition Fishing Tackle Bag is priced at £129.99 and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Product Specifications

  • Fabric: 800 Denier Nylon

  • Color: Advantage Camo

  • Size: 46 x 25 x 36cm (18" x 10" x 14")

  • Weight: 2.2kg (5 lbs)

  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Product Highlights

  • Thin Flexible Solar Panel

  • 1.5 Watts of power

  • Single 12V charging outlet

  • Top Cavity

  • Large Main Cavity

  • Padded Shoulder Strap

  • Side Pockets

  • Large Front Pocket

  • PVC Bottom

  • Advantage Camo

  • (6) Plastic Tackle Containers 28 x 18 x 4cm (11" x 7 1/4" x 1 3/4")

More information on the Travis Edition Fishing Tackle Bag and other solar powered items from The Solar Centre @

Telephone 0845 094 1250

Other products from The Solar Centre that may be of interest:

Reactor Solar Backpack
Nova Solar
Camera Gear Bag
The Fusion Solar Messenger Bag
Nomad Solar
Bike Bag

Further press information from Robert Daines greenplanet public relations:
07960 739389

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10.08.07 - THE SEA TROUT DIARIES by R W Mountjoy

Theory, strategy, tactics and sea trout.

A self confessed obsessive fisherman describes how he came to specialise in angling for sea trout. Determined to develop the skills and knowledge to lure this most challenging of fish he sought out previous generations of Tavy fishermen in the hope that they would give away their secrets. Culturing these cantankerous ‘old timers’ proved as difficult as catching the fish they pursued, but persistence paid off and gradually they began to share their knowledge.

Joining these eccentrics as darkness fell by running waters, the author was introduced to the cult of West Country peal fishermen. Waiting for that magic time when colour seeped from the valley and under a cloak of darkness the fish may move to the fly, he was party to discussions on philosophy, psychology, sociology, even anthropology, and fishing.

The advice and guidance imparted by the ancients and treasured by the author, is supplemented by his own experience and preserved in The Sea Trout Diaries.

It convincingly explains, for possibly the first time, why a fish programmed not to eat while in fresh water may be tempted to take a lure. Clearly set out strategies, for both day and night fishing are detailed with given tactics for all conditions.

This is a real fishing book for serious fisherman. The writer is passionate about his fishing and expresses his opinions without hesitation.

It is unashamedly controversial!

Published by: The Crapstone Press
Detail: 168 pages, 11 diagrams and 126 photographs
RRP: £19.99

Where to Buy:
The Sea Trout Diaries is available on line through Amazon or can be
collected from the Snowbee Tackle Shop in Plymouth.

Purchase the Sea Trout Diaries from Amazon

For further information and to order copies of this fabulous book directly from the author*, please contact:

R. Mountjoy
12 Morley Drive
PL20 7UY

* price £21.50 including p&p

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23.07.07 - Camo hooks from Trev's Tackle !!

TREVS SPECIAL OFFER 30 Plus Camo Hook Set £9.99 Per Set!!

Camo Hook SetTo celebrate the launch of the new 30 Plus Genomic Camo Hooks, for a limited period, Trev's Tackle are offering a special bulk deal which allows you to get your hands on FIVE packets of the awesome new Middy Camo Genomic carp hooks (RRP £2.50 per pack), plus a pack of Two 30 Plus Stinger Braided Hooklinks (RRP £1.99 each), which come complete with clips, swivels, hooks and adjustable hairs.

Now you seem them ...Each pack of Camo Genomic hooks feature six eyed hooks in three different camo finishes - weed green, mud/gravel brown and silt black - so you can match your hook perfectly to the lakebed. This set contains a mix of barbless and microbarb versions in sizes 6, 8 and 10. You can use them on baits like boilies, corn, pellets, pop-ups and surface baits.

The new range of hooks from Middy are the ultimate in tackle concealment for wary carp as they feature a camo coating to help them blend into the bottom (or blend in with your hookbait). This leaves your hookbait looking just like a free offering which increases the chances of the carp thinking it's safe to sample... and bingo - it's hooked!!

Now you dont !!The Genomic Camo hook range caters for all styles of rig construction from surface fishing to pop-up presentations with three pattern variations; Genomic Micro-barb, Genomic Barbless and the Genomic Surface hook. Genomic Micro-barbed and Barbless patterns have a very slight out-turn at the point, to further aid a positive hook hold and a slight curve to the medium sized shank.

The Genomic Surface pattern is a very light-weight hook with a longer, straight shank and fine gauge, yet it maintains immense strength and has been purpose designed for use with floating baits.

Two 30 Plus Camo Ready Rigz included in each set!

Camo Ready RigzIn addition to the five packs of hooks, the set contains two ready-tied 30 Plus Stinger braided hooklinks complete with clips, swivels and camo hooks. The rigs are tied using 30 Plus Wizard Braid and feature an adjustable hair allowing you to match your hookbait perfectly against the shank of the hook.

Middy report that demand for 30 Plus tackle is up 45% this year - testament to the impact the brand is making with its range of innovative and exciting products designed for the serious carp angler.

5 Packs of Genomic Camo Hooks PLUS 2 Stinger Ready Rigz
All for just £9.99!





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05.06.07 - Outstanding sale deals on tackle and bait from Trev's Tackle !!


Trev's tackle have got two fantastic offers to share with you this week. First up is a number of JRC Terry Hearn Stealth Chairs to clear at a crazy price – the RRP should be £60.00 but whilst stocks last they ’re selling at just £39.99!

The Terry Hearn Stealth Chair is one of the best on the market, and comes packed with features. It is manufactured using a high quality ultra light 6061 Aluminium frame. It has an extra high back for ultimate head support with a built in head pillow. The sprung seat base offers superb comfort, whilst the extra long adjustable legs with swivel & fold flat mud feet allow you to set up and even the harshest of terrains. The chair weighs just 3.5kg / 7.7lb so is easy to transport whether day or session fishing. The frame width is 49.5cm / 19.5inches. Rated at 18 Stone.

RRP £60.00! - Trev’s price whilst stocks last - £39.99!


Following the success of our Kent Particles Pellet offer, we’re at it again on their fantastic 3k boilie tubs. This mega combination deal gives you 3 kilos of Scopex 18m boilies in a resealable (and reusable) plastic bait bucket, and includes a tub of matching Scopex Bait Dip, and a tub of matching 16mm Scopex Pop-ups.

Combination bait deals don’t come much better! These boilies absolutely stink and the sweet aroma of scopex has been drifting around the office all week! Quality comes assured with Kent Particles and these fantastic baits have been doing the business on waters up and down the country.

Trev’s Combination Deal – Just £22.99!!



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16.05.07 - Make your fishery pools stand out from the rest !!

How many times have you lost potential customers to your fishery because your website had little or a basic minimal graphical reference to your pools?

Eastmoors LakeWe can draw them to a high standard and blend them to match your existing site for inclusion.

With over 10 years experience of graphic design packages, we can create a detailed plan of your pool for use on the web, print or other marketing material to help you promote your fishery.

Knowing how difficult it is to convey the size and layout of a large asset as a fishing lake, we focus on creating a visually impressive image for you to advertise the best features of your lake and help to attract more business.

We like to work closely with our clients and offer a fast, efficient service at every stage of development.

Customer satisfaction is paramount and we will work hard to turn your project around.

We also have the facility to create 3D fly-over animations to further communicate your lake layout effectively. These can be included, compressed, on your website in the form of a downloadable movie or as an interactive marketing tool that you could supply to generate business.

Contact us today for a quotation, you won’t be disappointed.

Call Duncan Buckley on: (0)7801 286294 quoting the FISH SOUTH EAST website.


Eastmoors Lake (St Leonards, Dorset) – Provided a lake layout drawing for use as a road sign and for inclusion on their website ( See image above

“I congratulate you on a very good representation and a prompt service.” Nick Hoare (proprietor) of Eastmoors Lake.

Manor Farm Fishing (Sandy, Bedfordshire) – Contracted through Countrywide Fisheries to provide a pool map for use on their website and brochure material ( See image below

manor Farm Fishery

Weston Pools Fishery (Oswestry) – Contracted through Countrywide Fisheries to provide layout drawings for three of their pools. Drawings used as signs mounted around the site.

FISH SOUTH EAST'S VERDICT - **Highly Recommended**

You only have to look at the quality of the graphics above to see what a fantastic product Duncan really offers. They provide vital information for visitors in terms of swim location, layout and the fish you can expect to find at the fishery. Any fishery shrewd enough to hire Duncan will benefit hugely from a first class graphical representation of their fishery which can only add value to their business.

What are you waiting for - Give Duncan a call today on (0)7801 286294 - you won't regret it !!

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16.01.07 - Crayfish Traps from "Jarnn Fishing "

At ‘Jarnn Fishing’ we supply crayfish traps to customers throughout America, Europe and the UK.

Our trap is extremely popular due to its ease of use, collapsible frame, zipped bait pocket, zipped opening for removing catch, two funnelled one-way entrances and, most importantly:-


When open the trap measures 24 – 25” in length by 12 –13” in diameter, when closed it measures 12- 13” in diameter by 1 –11/2” high with two retaining clips to keep it closed making it possible to keep several in your kit bag /box or in your car boot.

This trap has been used in rivers, ponds, canals lakes etc within the UK for catching eel, live bait as well as for the American Signal Crayfish.

It has been used at sea to catch lobster, crab, sand eels and langoustine as well as other species of baitfish providing food for the table or bait for fishing trips.

We welcome orders from individuals, groups, and fishing clubs and tackle shops and offer discounts on bulk orders.

In the UK the American Signal Crayfish offers a great opportunity to provide an excellent meal, so easy to cook and so many recipes available – well worth catching.


The prices for our traps include postage to any address in the UK.

For postage costs to Europe, America, Asia and Australia please email for a quote.

To order traps please contact John on with address details and quantity.

Prices: Including postage

No. of Traps
Price Per Trap
1 trap
2 traps
3 traps
4 traps
5 traps
6 traps
7 traps
8 traps
9 traps
10 traps
+ 1 trap free = £5.43 each
11 traps
12 traps
13 traps
14 traps
15 traps
16 traps
17 traps
18 traps
19 traps
20 traps
+ two traps free = £5.11 each


Quantities over 30 – please email for quotes.

Larger quantities for clubs and retailers – please email for quotes.


Payments can be made by:

  • Cheque – made payable to J. Clarke.

  • Postal Orders – made payable to J. Clarke.

  • Paypal – payment can be sent via Paypal to -

Send Payment To:

J. Clarke
39 Florian Avenue


Goods are normally dispatched within 24 hours with the exception of Saturday and Sunday where goods will be dispatched on the Monday.


Contact details for quotes, information and general questions or queries:

20.11.06 - FREE winter paste from "Bag Up Baits"

Here's what Bag Up Baits have to say about their new winter pastes.

catch fish like this awesome mirror carp with bag up baits winter paste"It's here at last, the perfect paste for winter fishing say most anglers when fished with bagup baits pastes. All our dry Winter formula pastes are made for one reason only and thats for fishing in colder conditions."

"All our new winter dry formula pastes oozze flavours proven to catch most coarse fish in colder weather. Our paste is so simple to use - just mix with water and mould around the hook. This paste has been tested by top anglers and comes out on top for catch performance. If you are looking for a new bait this winter look no further these pastes are fantastic and only available at"

Free Winter Paste Packs X 2 100g Packs

free winter paste from bag up baitsYou will receive 2 x 100gm packs of new winter paste. These paste include flavours that are proven to catch all coarse fish even in freezing weather. Each angler will recieve 1 Bloodworm flavour & 1 in Blue cheese. These really are the perfect baits for coarse fishing in winter time. They are easy to use as they just need water to be added and then mould around hook. This is excellent value for money as some pastes cost £3.95 for a 100gm pack.

To recieve these FREE pastes visit and look for free samples and order online.

Please note that whilst these pastes are FREE, each angler will have to pay £2.95 towards postage. However, this still represents outstanding value for money.


November Special Offer

Buy Any HNV 2kg & Get 1kg Absolutely FREE - Yes you read that right! Buy any of the selected Autumn/Winter Steamer Baits and Get 1 Kilo Absolutely FREE.

For Carple Steamer Descriptions please see individual products.

The Bait Master...has made his own choice of superb baits, which are developed to the highest standards for Autumn and Winter Fishing. These selected steamer baits all contain a mixed blend of Soluble Proteins, Milk Proteins and Birdfoods, which Carp just thrive on during the low water temperatures they face. The selection The Bait Master has chosen will provide Mr Carp with its essential food source during the long cold winter months ahead. In addition will provide you the angler with an incredible bait and body warmer due to short seating sessions, these HNV baits will provide you with endless Winter catch reports.

Price: £21.00

Click here to take advantage of this special offer

Winter Special Offer

Carple 50/50 Milk Protein Plus Steamers

These Steamers really are everything they're made out to be. They have every characteristic and ingredient Mr Carp and you as the carp angler requires for the hard Winter months ahead. They are of bright vivid colours and have that wow factor aroma crammed with soluble milk proteins. What's more we're giving away a tub of Carple Steamer Dips to give that additional attraction, which you may find necessary to lure the Carp out of their Winter shelter. Check out the details link for more information on this product.

Price: £10.00 for 2kg

Click here to take advantage of this special offer

Captain Carple Pellet Mix

New Captain Carple Pellet Mix - Now we're definitely talking pulling power. This blend of pellet mix has devastating effects when PVA'd or dropped by bait boat or spod. The pellet mix contains four HNV fishmeal pellets ranging from 3mm, to 5mm sizes to provide various breakdown periods to keep Carp in your swim for longer periods.

Captain Carple Pellet Mix is a mix of Bloodworm, Green Lipped Mussel, Belachan and Shrimp, which quickly apply carp attractors, different feed triggers and feed signals across the lake bed in all temperatures, which makes Captain Carple the most effective Pellet Mix Available. Winter & Summer use!

Take full advantage of this 4kg Special Introductory Offer Today. Special Offer also includes Free Black Resealable Bucket for an Introductory Half Price Sale of Only £6.25 (plus delivery) normal price £12.50.

Click here to take advantage of this fantastic offer

Bang On Baits - excellent baits at great rates

Bang On Baits concept is simple:

Offering the carp angler excellent baits at great rates, whilst at the same time offering the carp a quality food source. This ensures that Bang On Baits stand the test of time. They believe that feeding carp with quality baits is fundamental in the pursuit of carp, as your fishing success revolves around carp and their feeding habits.

Bang On Baits Product Range:

Bang on Baits DSM bait range DSM Bait Range:

The DSM bait range is a blend of four fishmeals including crab and krill meal. The range consists of matching pellets, stik n bag mix, pop ups, dip, paste, and critically balanced hookbaits.

Bang On Baits CNL bait rangeCNL Bait Range:

The CNL bait range is a blend of low temp fishmeal chicken meal and liver extracts. The range consists of matching pellets, stik n bag mix, pop ups, dip, paste, and critically balanced hookbaits.

Bang On Baits PCN bait rangePCN Bait Range:

The PCN bait range is a blend of nut meal, clo, px42, milk proteins, blue cheese powder, betaine and pineapple. The range consists of matching pellets, stik n bag mix, pop ups, dip, paste, and critically balanced hookbaits.

Placing An Order:

To order any Bang On Baits carp baits please contact them directly via phone or email:

Phone: 01933 222 478 or 07940 085819

PLEASE: When placing an order with Bang On Baits, please mention that you found out about their range of products by visiting UK Fisherman. They are supporting UK Fisherman by donating a small percentage of the cost of each sale to assist with our admin and hosting costs.

Delivery Information and Charges:

- Once Bang on Baits have received your order, you will be given a delivery date (usually within 24 hours).
- Delivery charges are £9 up to 25kg and £1.50 for smaller items.
- Delivery is Monday - Friday only
- Orders received after 12pm on Thursday will be dispatched the following Monday.

Further Information:

For further details of Bang On baits carp baits and details of current special offers, please check out their website at:


Eccleston Angling Centre, based in Merseyside, are one of the premier fishing tackle and bait outlets in the UK. During the weekend of 10th-12th Novermber 2006, all sales made via their website will attract a 10% reduction. So why not visit their site at and part with some of your hard earned cash.

Trakker Clothing Deal

Trakker Clothing Deal:
Includes robust jacket, inner fleece, quality t-shirt, salopettes and Trakker cap. This is quality clothing.. All for an amazing £99.99

Only £99.99


Trakker Armo Trident

Trakker Armo Trident:
The all new top of the range multifunctional bivvy in our famous Aquatexx fabric. A fabric developed especially for us in the UK to give unrivalled performance in all weather conditions. The Trident is designed to perform a number of tasks: It is a superb brolly system or day shelter with the front zipped off. An unrivalled one man bivvy in its normal guise with detachable peak. A potential 2 man bivvy when used with the Armo II Super Extended Wrap (with door removed). New 2 break pole system ensures speedy erection/breadown and fits into quiver.

Compatible with all existing Armo 1 man wraps, Trident is a 1 man bivvy, size 2.3m x 2.8m. Shown here with support frame sold seperately.


Priced at £379.99


Van Den Eynde Black Turbo

Van Den Eynde Black Turbo:
The heaviest of all Van Den Eynde groundbaits. Use by itself only on deep or fast flowing waters, it carries loose offerings well, breaking up slowly. It can be very useful as a stiffening agent when added to lighter mixes. A particularly good mix for flooded rivers.


Priced at £2.99




the 2007 British Mayflies CalendarThis beautifully produced, limited edition, publication is more than a mere calendar; it is something every keen fly fisher will want to keep well after Auld Lang Syne is sung on 31st December 2007.

Photographed by well-known naturalist and entomologist Dr Cyril Bennett, written by Craig Macadam, volunteer coordinator of the Ephemeroptera (Mayfly) Recording Scheme and published by the Riverfly Partnership.

There are 51 species of mayflies in the British Isles, 12 of which are highlighted within the calendar. Each mayfly has been photographed and is shown in great detail. These outstanding images of the dun and the nymph are supported by a distribution map and a calendar strip indicating the months when the species is most likely to be seen in flight.

The Salmon & Trout Association, Orvis and the Environment Agency are cosponsors of the calendar, which enables all income from sales to support work on British Mayflies. The calendar is available from Orvis for £6.95.

The Riverfly Partnership is a network of organisations whose aim is to promote the understanding and conservation of riverflies.


World class images supported by informative text” Steve Brooks, Entomologist at The Natural History Museum,

“The essential Christmas gift for every flyfisher,” Pat O’Reilly, author of Match the Hatch.

“An excellent calendar for a cause that all flyfishers can enthusiastically support.”  Paul Knight, Executive Director, Salmon & Trout Association.

“These high quality images really bring alive what we are all working to protect”   Ian Johnson, National Fisheries Policy Manager, Environment Agency


How to order – as an Individual? Individuals can order through the Orvis website on, in any one of the 20 Orvis Retail Stores across the UK, by Telephone on 0870-066-4177, by Fax on 0870-066-4190, or Email:


How to order – as a Retailer? Retailers should phone Orvis on 01264-349501, fax on 01264-349505 or Email their order to to receive their wholesale price. We will only accept payment in advance of shipment. Minimum order of 10 calendars.


Source: Salmon & Trout Association UK


Eccleston Angling Centre, based in Merseyside, are one of the premier fishing tackle and bait outlets in the UK.

So lets have a look at what's new on their shelves this month.

Sonu Liquid Bait Dyes

New for 2006. Odourless dyes available in green, orange and red. Only £2.99 per bottle.

Sonu's range products also includes the revolutionary Skinz hookbait pellets.If you have not used these pellets before, you are really missing out. To read a review of Skinz Hookbait Pellets, click here


Sonu Liquid Bait Dyes

Four flavours - Halibut Pellet, Monster Crab, Scopex & Tutti Frutti. For use with, Skinz, Pellets, Paste, Groundbait, Boilies and Particles.

Priced at £2.99.


fishing tackle for sale - korum seamless hooks

The smooth gapless eye of the Korum Seamless Hooks means you can tie any knot, any way and you know you have reliability and strength for those big fish. Teflon finish, High carbon steel. Chemically sharpened, Seamless eye, 12° downturned eye, Inturned point. 10 per pack.

price £2.99



fishing luggage sale

6 Rod Specimen Holdall - Thickly padded carrying straps, 6 rod capacity (3 made up - 3 unmade) fully thickly padded reel pouches.

Rucksack - 80 litre, height adjustable waist strap, large single main conpartment with easy access via hooded zipped cover, extra large front pocket, two smaller side pockets, seperate zip access to bottom of rucksack.

Carryall - Huge carrying capacity, double heavy duty zips on flap for easy access, huge front and side pockets, padded shoulder and carrying strap.


was £164.00 , now only £79.99



The most beautiful place in the world.

Vall de Sanç, as the name depicts is a Valley on the banks of the famous River Ebro 20 hectares sunken into incredible mountain formations that add up to another 23 hectares of pine trees, rosemary, thyme, camomile, wild oak, holly, mistletoe and miscellany other wild vegetation. The valley is planted with a total of 700 olive trees, 40 almond trees all irrigated with river water from a diesel pump situated on the bank. Other trees include fig trees, walnuts and blackberry bushes.

fishing sales - property and land on the river ebro, SpainSituated on the opposite side of the river to both villages, Flix (5,000 Hab) and Riba Roja d’Ebre (1,300 Hab). Flix is 3.7 Km and Riba Roja d’Ebre is 2.8 Km from the property.

The property borders with the Flix Nature Reserve, where they have a stork breeding centre and wild horses, a fascinating combination of bush and reed area that is protected from hunting and obviously building. This provides the property with a variety of wild life such as eagles, kites, bee eaters, wild boar, badgers etc.

Our river frontage has been carefully looked after and access to 5 swims purposely cut out and designed for fishing, the potential for a fishing business is huge.

fishing sales - property and land on the river ebro, SpainThere are 2 ruins on the property and a 64m2 wooden house.

The wooden house is completely liveable with 2 double bedrooms, 1 bathroom, dining room combined with lounge and kitchen with stable door and amazing views of the surrounding mountains and river. A terrace runs round 2 sides of the house with a fenced off garden.

fishing sales - property and land on the river ebro, SpainBoth ruins, one of 50 m2 and the other of 270 m2 are in need of reform. The larger one has building plans for a rural hotel, and paperwork from the Catalan Water Agency has been passed to confirm the area is a non-flooding zone, a very important report needed in these cases, as the river is near by.

Running hot and cold water in the log cabin, gravity fed from a tank situated on the top of a hill filled with filtered river water. No electrics, but electric runs through the land and applied for at the local town hall to be connected.

Price: € 350,000

For full details of this property visit:

or telephone: 00 34 699 954 296 or email

Eccleston Angling Centre, based in Merseyside, are one of the premier fishing tackle and bait outlets in the UK.

So lets have a look at what's new on their shelves this month.

skinz hookbait plettes

Sonu are set to extend their poular Skinz Hookbait pellets to include a fishmeal based pellet...available in 4mm and 8mm versions, priced at £1.49. These fantastic pellets are due out in a few weeks time. If you have not used these pellets before, you are really missing out. To read a review of Skinz Hookbait Pellets, click here



Preston Innovations Hooks

The preston Innovations hook range has recently been extended at Eccleston Angling Centre and now includes the following patterns:
PR21, PR23, PR24, PR25, PR26, PR28, PR29, PR32 and PR33

Priced at 95p per pack.


Sticky Baits  Active Bloodworm and Shrimp Bag and Stick Mix

Sticky Baits Active Bloodworm and Shrimp Bag and Stick Mix contains pre-digested fish meals, maize extract, crushed hemp, bloodworm powder extract, bloodworm pellet and dehydrated shrimp meal. 3kg Bucket. Can be used in bag or stick mixes. To get the most from this mix and activate it use the Sticky Baits fermented-ade range of active liquids.

RRP £12.00, now only £10.00



primus gravity EF stove

Primus have now discounted their popular Easy Fuel stove and have settled for the Gravity EF stove to lead the way.


Prices at £49.99



'Barbel Rivers and Captures' By The Barbel Catchers Club
Compiled By Mick Wood and Bob Singleton

There have been revolutionary advances in barbel fishing since the publication of Barbel by the Barbel Catchers Club (BBC) published by The Crowood Press in 1988, and the BCC has been at the forefront of these dramatic developments.

This long awaited, and entirely new volume written by BCC members comprehensively covers the modern barbel fishing scene, discusses the size of the fish now caught and illustrates the changes that have taken place in tackle, tactics and baits. There are individual chapters on each major barbel river in England from the smallest streams, such as the Lodden and the Holybrook, to the mighty Midlands rivers, the Trent and the Severn, to the Yorkshire spate rivers and the crystalline waters of the famous Hampshire Avon. Each river chapter is written by an experienced angler with proven success on the river in question and culminates with a fascinating account of the capture of a really special barbel weighing in excess of 10 lb.

This remarkable book provides a wealth of expert information and explores not only traditional fishing methods but also ground-breaking new ideas. Lavishly illustrated with 200 images including photographs, drawings and diagrams, and a colour-plate section, this is an indispensable volume for both the barbel enthusiast and general river angler alike.

Barbel Rivers and Captures is written by the Barbel Catchers Club and provides a vast amount of information about the contemporary barbel-fishing scene. Written by experts, it comprehensively covers all the major barbel rivers in England.

Contents include:

- Individual chapters on twenty-nine rivers, or sections of river
- Detailed and fascinating accounts of the capture of a 'big barbel' on each river
- Modern Baits-both pellet and HNV specials
- Scores of photographs, some in full colour, of barbel catches over 10lb
- Diagrams illustrating rigs, feeders and swims
- A review of devolpments in barbel fishing since the late 1980's and a consideration of the future of barbel fishing
- Details of the Barbel Catchers
- Club River Records and the Clubs 'top fifty' barbel.

The Barbel Catchers Club (BCC) were established in 1977 with the objective of providing a forum for debating key issues and discussing new ideas. Since its formation, the BCC has been extremely successful and has been at the forefront of virtually every breakthrough in barbel angling.

The club is organised by dedicated barbel anglers for barbel anglers and emphasizes the social aspect of the sport rather than its political and commercial divisions. The BCC is divided into seven regional groups, (Chiltens, Midland/Cotswold, Northwest, Southdown, Southern, Wessex and Yorkshire) and has its own website and its own Magazine entitled Barbus. All members write at least one article each year for the magazine, which also provides a forum for news and views.

To order your copy of this fantastic book, please visit:

HawkEye FF3355P - Portable FishFinder with WeedIDThe thrill of any fishing adventure begins with finding the right place to wet your line. Fish Finders allow anglers to quickly identify key targets and structures, as well as fish.

A Fish Finder is a subset of a group of instruments called sonars. A Sonar consists of a transmitter, transducer, receiver and display. In the simplest terms, an electrical impulse from a transmitter is converted into a sound wave by the transducer and sent into the water. When this wave strikes an object, it rebounds. This echo strikes the transducer, which converts it back into an electric signal, which is amplified by the receiver and sent to the display. Since the speed of sound in water is constant [approximately 4800 feet per second], the time lapse between the transmitted signal and the received echo can be measured and the distance to the object determined. This process repeats itself many times per second.

The display shows a history of the received echoes. The user can make a number of adjustments to tailor the display to his or her preference, such as senitivity, the depth range and chart speed. Displays use a variety of technologies, provide different resolutions and number of shades of gray or color. Each display is made up of a number of pixels, which are little square blocks that make up the images. The more pixels and shades of gray or color the better resolution and image clarity.

Fish Targets:
Echoes from fish within the beam will be shown on the display by illuminated pixels. What image appears on the display depends on a number of factors: the sensitivity setting on the fishfinder, the cone angle of the transducer, the speed of the boat, and the size, depth, speed and direction of the fish. A fish that is swimming directly beneath the boat, it will create a consistent echo that will cause a continuous line to appear on the display. A stationary fish caught in a narrow beam transducer appears as a single point on the screen as the boat passes above it, whereas under the same conditions the fish appears as an arch if a wide beam transducer is used.

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