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Contact: Membership Secretary: P Stockwood. School House, Weald School, Billingshurst, West Sussex, England. Tel. 01403 782160

Billingshurst Angling SocietyBillingshurst Angling Society offer coarse fishing on six miles of the River Arun [all non tidal], a specimen tench water at Shillinglee in picturesque surroundings and two superb carp waters at Malthouse Lakes, Wisgorough Green, all in the South East of England. They run an extensive programme of club matches and a winter league. Yearly adult club subsciption costs £80 with concessions available for lady members, registered disabled and students.

Adult club membership is resticted to 450 members. Membershiop costs £80.00 for adults, £25.00 for ladies, £25 for disabled anglers, £30 for students and £100.00 for Family Membership [2 Adults +2 children under 16]. Anyone wishing to join Billingshurst Angling Society should contact the membership secretary [details above]. Alternatively the membership form can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking here [Acrobat Reader required], or in word/wordpad format by clicking here.

- Carshalton & District Angling Society -

Martin Charnock - Membership Secretary
CADAS, PO Box 710, Redhill, RH1 9EH


Billingshurst Angling SocietySituated in West Sussex near Horsham, Bury St Austen offers the angler a choice of two lakes the Bottom Lake holds a variety of species including Carp to 30lbs with specimen Perch up to 4lbs, Roach, Bream, Eels, Tench, Crucian Carp and Gudgeon. With over 40 swims available to choose from.

The Top Lake has over 30 swims this is more of a silver fish lake including F1 carp, as well as some large Crucian Carp, this lake is very picturesque in the summer with numerous lilly pads dotted around the lake.

The Society also has two separate stretches of River. Located close to Hever Castle is Polegate Farm this one mile piece of the River Eden holding some huge Chub and large shoals of Bream this stretch of river is better suited towards the roving angler.

The River Mole at Betchworth holds Carp to over 20lbs as well as specimen Barbel which are regularly caught below the weir. Double figure bags of Roach and Bream are not uncommon, with an average depth of over 4ft throughout the mile and a quarter.

As of June 2015 the Society will have access to Oakleys Fishery aka Charts Plain Copthorne. For those of you unfamilar the water it is a small well stocked highly accessible venue, most suited to pleasure fishing. As well as being extremely picturesque it is highly accesible to those members less mobile, disabled/wheelchair users

CLICK HERE for membership details and information on how to apply


Copthorne and District Angling Society is a small club based in Copthorne, South East England with a membership of about 200. It offers coarse fishing on 5 lakes as well as access to 8 miles of the Sussex Ouse shared with the Ouse Preservation Society. There is a lively club match section with matches most weeks both within the club and with other clubs.

Club membership prices for the 2005/6 season are £63 with concessions available for juniors and OAPs.

Contact: Mr S Clark [secretary] on 01923 467064 or

Crawley Angling Society manages 12 waters in and around Crawley, South East England as well as offering fishing on the River Mole. Members can also fish Weir Wood Reservoir [Forest Row] and Stub Pond Fisheries [Newchapel], both near East Grinstead. Matches are organised throughout the season with cash and trophy prizes.

Membership prices for the 2005/06 season cost £52 [with and additional £5 registration fee]. Concessions available for juniors, OAPs and registered disabled. Joint husband and wife membership also available.

Crawley Angling Society - The Ballast HoleCrawley Angling Society - Ilfield MillpondCrawley Angling Society - New Pond
- Three of Crawley Angling Society's club waters -
Thanks to Leigh at Crawley Angling Society for permission to use the pictures of their waters

Contact: Mrs J.Fisher. 38 Western Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 8QN, England. Tel:01444 235978 [not after 9.00pm]

Hassocks and District ASHassocks and Distict Angling Society was founded in 1955 and has now grown to a membership in excess of 400. The Society has some of the best coarse fishing to be found in the beautiful West Sussex countryside, comprising of over 5 miles of river bank on the rivers Ouse, Arun and Adur, 5 large lakes and many smaller waters. The majority are exclusive to the club, catering for matchmen, pleasure anglers and specimen hunters alike.

Club competitions are held regularly throughout the year and they welcome the participation of new members. Work parties are held during the close season another good way to meet existing members and to get to know the waters.

Yearly subscriptions cost £58 with concessions available for OAPs and juniors. Family membership (2 adults plus two juniors) is available for £100 and joint membership and non-fishing membership is also available. A one-off £5 fee is also payable when joining.

Hassocks and District Angling SocietyHassocks and District Angling SocietyHassocks and District Angling Society
- Three of Hassocks and Distict Angling Society's club waters -
Thanks to Steve at Hassocks and Distict Angling Society for allowing use of these pictures.
2009 Update:

1.) The club is opening George Cragg Pond on the 6th June. It has been purposely re-built with the needs of disabled anglers in mind and has been stocked with tench, golden tench, crucians and perch and has depths to about 10 feet. Parking is about 10 feet from the water.

2.) Hassocks and District Angling Society are currently rebuilding Decoy lake which will have 5 disabled swims and disabled specific parking close to the lake.

3.) Hassocks and District Angling Society are also running three beginners days this year as the previous ones have been so popular. These "newcomers days" are run in conjunction with tutors from the Environment Agency. All tackle, bait and temporary licenses and memberships are supplied free. They are set for Saturday June 21st and Saturday August 16th.

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Contact: The Secretary, 64 Appledore Gardens, Lindfield, West Sussex, RH16 2EU, England.

Founded in 1912, Haywards Heath and District Angling Society provide river fishing on the Sussex Ouse and at five stillwaters in the West Sussex area. They run a full programme of matches throughout the season.

Adult coarse fishing membership costs £70 for the 2005/06 season. Concessions available for OAPs, juniors and the registered disabled. Coarse and trout membership, joint husband and wife membership, family membership and non-fishing membership all available.

Haywards Heath and District Angling SocietyHaywards Heath and District Angling SocietyHaywards Heath and District Angling Society
- Three of Haywards Heath and District Angling Society's waters -
Thanks to Peter at Haywards Heath and District Angling Society for allowing Fish South East to use these pictures.

[General Enquiries]:
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Henfield and District Angling Society

Henfield and District Angling Society:
are a friendly club, based in West Sussex, with prime river, stream and all year round stillwater fishing at an affordable price. They are a well-established and popular club whose main aim is to provide good-quality enjoyable fishing for all their members. They attract a broad cross-section of anglers – those interested in match fishing, specimen hunting or simply fishing for pleasure.

Club Waters:

Henfield and District Angling Society - River Ardur14 miles of prime river and stream fishing on the River Adur and two of its tributaries. The character of the river varies considerably throughout its length. South of Henfield it is tidal where it meanders across the floodplain. A short distance west of Henfield the river splits into two – an area known locally as The Fork. The river lends itself to a variety of fishing methods. Stick, float, waggler and pole fishing all have their place as do ledgering and feeder fishing. Spinning and dead-baiting for pike are also productive in the winter months.

Henfield and District Angling Society - Chess StreamThe Adur is particularly noted for its large carp and pike, with fish of over 30lb being recorded, although most species of coarse fish can be caught throughout the river’s length. Bream, roach, rudd, perch, chub, dace, tench, eels and gudgeon are all present and shoals of mullet often visit the tidal section. The club also has fishing rights on stretches of two of its tributaries – the Chess Stream and the Honeybridge Stream. These are the home of wild brown trout and there are a number of deeper holes which can provide some excellent coarse fishing particularly for roach, chub and dace.

Henfield and District Angling Society - West FarmThe Club has recently lost its main stillwater fishery. They have however obtained fishing rights on new lakes near Henfield. The lakes are in the process of being landscaped and improved and will be available for fishing later in the season. In addition to these lakes, fishing is also available on a good-sized farm pond near Hurstpierpoint. The water is exceptionally clear as it is spring-fed and species include tench, roach, rudd, perch, crucians and grass carp. There is also a small pond in Henfield, which is an ideal venue for juniors where small carp, roach and rudd can be caught. Both ponds are open all year.

Subscriptions for the 2005-2006 season are as follows:
* Adult [over 18] - £55
* Intermediate [16 or 17 on April 1st] - £36
* Junior [under 16 on April 1st] - £12
* Family - £80
* Husband and wife - £67
* Senior Citizen - £24
* Regsitered disabled - £24
There are no ‘hidden costs’ – e.g. no joining fee, no supplements for night fishing where permitted, use of second rod etc.

Contact: [Membership Secretary]:

Petworth Angling Club was founded in 1953 and has always been dedicated to the traditional aspects and values of course angling.

"We have seen the rise of commercial fisheries which we recognise as one of the ways in which newcomers may become attracted to the sport but we are increasingly finding that for many our more traditional type of course fishing represents a more varied and rewarding challenge. This means that "instant" results are less likely and good catches on some of our waters require a certain amount of patience and skill."

Petworth Angling Club - River Arun at Hardham"Typically our members regard enjoyment of the beautiful countryside of Hampshire and Sussex as an essential ingredient of their fishing, whether it be the bird or animal life, the trees and wild flowers, the ever changing skies or simply the pleasure of being close to lakes and streams. Our rivers, lakes and ponds provide the widest range of sport for most species including Barbel, Pike, Carp, Tench, Chub, Bream, Roach, Rudd, Dace, Grayling, Gudgeon, Eel, Sea Trout and Brown Trout. Through our membership of the Hants & Sussex Alliance we are able to offer in excess of 20 waters to our members."

Petworth Angling Club - Petworth Park "In the last year our waters have yielded some impressive catches [which are featured more fully in the "Highlights and Records" section of this Website]. Some of the highlights were........

* Pike exceeding 20lbs from the River Arun
* Double figure Bream and Carp to 40lbs from Sinah Lake
* Barbel to 13lbs from the River Rother
* Mixed bags of Tench,Bream and Crucians from Petworth Park
* Chub to 5lbs from the River Rother"

Adult membership for the 2007/08 season costs £76 with concessions available for students, senior citizens, juniors and registered disabled. Family and associate [non-fishing] membership also available. Membership runs from 1st April to 31st March.

May 2007 - Petworth Angling Club is now called Petworth and Bognor Angling Club after it merged with Bognor Regis & District Freshwater Angling Club

New Record Rother Barbel? It has been confirmed that a 13lbs Barbel has recently been caught at Coultershaw. Also, Mike Kitchener's perseverance has paid off with a 5lbs 1ozs Chub from the Rother at Fittleworth.

Thanks to Geoff Sumner at Petworth Angling Club for allowing use of the above pictures.

Contact: General Enquiries -

Contact: Membership Enquiries -

Pulborough ASBased in West Sussex, Pulborough Angling Society offers some excellent coarse fishing on the rivers Ardur, Arun and Rother as well as offering stillwater fishing at 4 locations throughout West Sussex. They offer a full programme of club matches and competitions as well as providing teach-ins and training for those with no previous experience of the sport. In addition, Pulborough AS enter teams into the winter & summer leagues as well as entering a team into the nationals each year.

Senior membership for the 2005/06 season costs £70. Concessions available for OAPs, juniors and disabled. Husband and Wife membership and family membership also available. Application forms available via the web site or from Arun Angling Centre or Carringdale Angling Centre.

Contrary to recent press reports Pulborough A.S do not offer day tickets on their stillwater fisheries, River Arun or River Rother. Day tickets are available for the River Adur only.

Pulborough Angling Society - Goose GreenPulborough Angling Society - Moor FarmPulborough Angling Society - River Rother
- Three of Pulborough Angling Society's club waters -
Thanks to Mark at Pulborough Angling Society for allowing use of these pictures.

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