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- Sue Buxton [Membership Secretary] 5 Gingers Close, Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 7JL
- Martyn Proctor [Secretary]
- Bob Weate [Match Secretary]

Cranleigh Angling Society

Cranleigh Angling Society is based in the Villiage of Cranleigh in Surrey. Members can fish many waters in and around the Cranleigh area.

The Club has access to three great coarse fishing venues:

The Fisheries. The first pond has enough room for 15 anglers and is full to the brim with Tench, Crucian Carp, Perch, Roach, Rudd and Gudgeon. The second pond has enough room for a dozen or so anglers and is stocked with mainly Carp between 5lb and 25lb, although Tench, Perch, Roach,Rudd, Pike and large double figure Grass Carp are present.

Springbok: A water that is rented from the Springbok Estate and contains, among other species, some of the hardest fighting Ghost Carp you will have come across ... a water that that must be experienced.

Willinghurst: This impressive commercial water boasts 11 well stocked lakes.

Membership of the Society entitles members to 3 days fishing on production of the membership handbook.

They have a very comprehensive match diary, matches usually attracting 10-20 anglers, which makes for a very friendly atmosphere. They have many friendly matches with other local clubs including Shamley Green AS, Rudgwick AS, Godalming AS, and Dorking AS taking us to many more fairly local rivers, ponds and canals.

Cranleigh Angling Society - Fishery 1st PondCranleigh Angling Society - Springbok Lake
- Two of Cranleigh Angling Society's waters -
Thanks to Martyn Proctor at Cranleigh Angling Society for allowing Fish South East to use these pictures

Membership prices for the 2009/2010 season are:-

- Adults = 48.00
- Juniors = 18.00
- 16-19yrs = 35.00
- Retired/Disabled = 20.00
- Husband & Wife = 54.00
- Family Memberships from 60.00
- Night fishing permit = £30

- Farnham Angling Society -

Mr Mick Borra, [Membership Secretary] Tel: 01252 320 871

Established in 1906, Farnham Angling Society has grown into the leading angling club in the south of England. Their members can fish over seven miles of rivers and fourteen stillwaters in Hampshire, Berkshire & Surrey. FAS offers an enormous variety of angling opportunities to members of all ages and experience.

Farnham Angling Society

With fifteen stillwaters, varying from picturesque estate lakes and larger impressive gravel pits, to small, well stocked ponds, Farham Angling Society are able to provide match, pleasure and specialist anglers with over 160 acres of Stillwater fishing and 7 miles of river fishing.

Their excellent stillwater fisheries offer the opportunity to explore a variety of different fishing techniques for 364 days a year on many waters. With around 500 swims to choose from and secure parking on many of our venues, you can look forward to relaxing and productive fishing. The river angler is catered for with three miles of the River Loddon, a section of the River Whitewater and over four miles of the River Wey. These rivers offer some excellent angling opportunities.

They have a very active junior where the younger members can learn a thing or two from the older members. The senior match section has enjoyed some great competition with outstanding catches during the last few seasons.

The society has a strong commitment to providing facilities for disabled anglers, with a number of their fisheries now featuring specially constructed swims, where priority is given to disabled anglers to fish, both in safety and comfort. Additionally, all their toilet facilities are wheelchair accessible.

Membership costs for the 2006/07 season are as follows:
adult membership 66
disabled 33
Juniors [under 16] 16.50
Student [under 21] 33
OAP 16.50
intermediate [16-18] 33
joining fees are payable for first year at 25 for all categories apart from 10 for juniors and 5 for OAPs

Contact: Malcolm Richardson [Hon. Sec]. 87 Summers Road, Farncombe, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 3BE, England.
Tel: 01483 422791 or e-mail

Godalming Angling SocietyGodalming Angling Society was founded in 1881 with about 25 members- fishing Broadwater and the River Wey and Godalming Navigation. The first inter-club competition- against Guildford Angling Society [founded 1882] was held on the river Wey in 1882. They now have over 1400 adult members and 370 junior members, the vast majority of these living in the GU postcode area.

Godalming Angling Society has committed itself to service within the community by its policy on youth sport, angling for the disabled and charitable institutions.

Godalming Angling Society offers coarse fishing to its members on 7 lakes [there are 3 on Marsh Farm, their day ticket fishery plus Broadwater, Bramley, Busbridge & Johnson's] as well as 12 miles of the River Wey.

Godalming Angling Society - Busbridge LakeGodalming Angling Society - Broadwater LakeGodalming Angling Society - River Wey
- Three of Godalming Angling Society's waters -
Thanks to Andrew Mackenzie at Godalming Angling Society for allowing Fish South East to use these pictures

Membership costs for the 2005/06 season are as follows:

- adult membership 60
- Joint adult [husband and wife or partner] 80
- Juniors 7 to 15yrs no joining fee] 15
- Student [no joining fee if transferring across from Junior membership] 30
- OAP 30
- Disabled adult 25
- Disabled joint membership 30

Please note: New members rejoining the following year MUST attend a club working party during the close season. New junior members will be required to attend a junior angling workshop prior to membership being given.

Membership application forms are available from Godalming Angling Society's website or by clicking here

Contact: P Turnbull, 8 Heathfield, Reigate Heath, Reigate, Surrey, England, RH2 8QR or

Leatherhead & District Angling SocietyLeatherhead & District Angling Society was founded in 1947 and has 3 miles of the river Mole, as well as two still water fisheries and associations with Willingshurst and Studpond fisheries. The Mole has been described as the best kept secret in southern England and is a positive aqaurium of species. It really can be a superb winter fishery when many of the other rivers and still waters in the area have slowed down.

Their streches contain good quantities of Chub, Roach, Dace, Pike and Perch, with Bream, Barbel and Carp showing. Their ponds at Ashtead and Bookham are popular with pleasure anglers enjoying good catches of Carp, Tench and Roach.

Leatherhead & District Angling Society run a full programme of club matches throughout the season.

Membership prices for the 2005/2006 season are:-

- senior membership 65 [new], 50 [existing]
- lady membership 33.50 [new], 28.50 [existing]
- senior citizen membership 33.50 [new], 28.50 [existing]
- junior membership 20 [new], 15 [existing]
- family membership 85 [new], 75 [exsiting]
- membership of CALPAC and Basingstoke Canal AA also available.

Leatherhead & District Angling Society, Long Copse Ponds

Long Copse Pond, one of Leatherhead & District Angling Society's club waters

Thanks to David Janson for allowing Fish South East to use this picture.

Contact: Coldhardbour Lane, Thorpe, Surrey, TW20 8RA, England or 01932 583 630 or

RMC @ Fish South East

RMC Angling is the largest commercial, coarse fishing organisation in the UK currently offering over 70 mature, fish-filled lakes and 20 stretches of river. Although based in Surrey, the RMC has venues all over the South East. The RMC believe in more than just fishing though - they believe in working in harmony with nature to create environments in which fish thrive and in which anglers can enjoy the very best possible sport in the most natural surroundings.

Contact: Mr David Adby, 4 Park Road, Limpsfield, Oxted, Surrey, RH8 0AL, England. Tel No: 01883 712299.

WDAS @ Fish South East

Warlingham and District Angler's Society was formed in 1947 and "exists to promote the sport of angling and to ensure that our members have opportunities to fish in well stocked waters in peaceful surroundings in North East Surrey and Croydon." Primarily a coarse fishing club they hold friendly competitions and occasionally stray into the more competitive local leagues and enter a team in the NFA National. Their waters, based in the South East of England, include rivers and stillwaters which include quality fish with catches of over 100 lb possible. Club waters are The River Medway, Wateringbury and still waters at Slugwash Lane, Haywards heath and Charts Plain, Copthorne. Anyone is able to apply for club membership regardless of gender, race or disability and junior members are most welcome. NB. All able bodied members over 18 are expected to attend at least one working party per year.

2005/06 adult club membership costs 45 per year in addition to a one-off 15 joining fee. Concessions are available for juniors, OAPs and registered disabled. Click here for a membership application form.

Contact: Dave Phillips [WVDAA Secretary] on 01252 542540 or e-mail to

Contact: Tony Maynard [President] on 020 8907 0631 or e-mail to

Wey Valley Disabled Anglers Association @ Fish South EastWey Valley Disabled Anglers Association was formed in 1985 and became a registered charity in March 1986. The Association, founded by disabled anglers for all anglers, provides coarse fishing and fishing competitions for disabled and helper able-bodied members alike. They are also committed to promoting interest, providing assistance and acting in an advisory capacity to other clubs and associations in the provision of facilities for disabled anglers.

Their fixture list comprises a 28 match Summer League for their disabled and able-bodied members. They run an annual Integrated National Angling Championship, both for the Physically Challenged and Able-bodied Helper Anglers, at Willow Park, South East England. And each year, thanks to Godalming AS, they hold a Charity Sponsored Fish-in on their Broadwater Lake to raise much needed funds for our association.

Club membership costs a 10 one off, joining fee, then a yearly subscription of:
- 22 per individual
- 32 per joint couple
- 44 for family membership for 2 adults & 2 children.

Application forms are available via the website or by contacting Eddie D Cruz King [Membership Sec.] on 07505 359851.

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